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The set of its strategies have worked to bring both direct and indirect implications in the theory and concepts of the company’s financial structures. Through the strategies, the company has been able to provide financial benefits, economies of scale, optimal costing parameter above others. The diversity in its strategies is limited to the area of concern in application. However, each of them is incorporated to add operational value in the company’s trading activities. (Paige, Litrell, 86) Firstly, the system of management has never been compromised.

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The company has employed an inherent package of management system which helps to man the different management requirement. The corporate governance has been at the delight of profound establishment. As a rule, good corporate governance provides a pillar to the success of an organization. Remarkably therefore, the corporate governance of the company can be described as providing a benchmark into the instrumentation of its success. Such governance has followed suit to different persons delegated to them with different roles to play.

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There is a good flow of activities within its systems. (Warner, 98) This is the foremost attribute towards a good organizational behavior. To the company, it is not theoretical to the influence of organizational behavior towards its success. However, this is a reality measurable under the imagery of profound success pivoted by the nature of its corporate governance. To fight for success in the market, a package of strategies that provide an inherent state of capacity for competition has never been compromised throughout since 2001.

The same strategies have been limited to product diversifications. However, a great concern of other market competition strategies has been provided. It’s marketing symmetry and sales promotions should never be overlooked. Indeed, structures of its marketing have been placed in the company’s operational system. Through intense marketing, clients have been provided with a solicited package into the nature and capacity of its activities, products and services.

Through adequacy in communication, the company has continued to embrace a package of dominance within the market. (Bannock, 108) The 21st century unfolded with a great spell of technology. Technology research has been fundamental subject across the globe. To the First Albany Company, appreciation and application of the same remains a subject of concern. Perhaps, the rationality behind its growth could be allied to its technological package. The system, activities and processes are done through high scale of technological orientations.

This technology is attributable many operational advantages. At one level, this can be argued of the efficiency in the implication of processes and activities when done through high technology. The company has had a highly developed framework in the communication system through which activities are done suitably. On the other hand, technological advantages can be argued in terms of the effects of optimal and economical costing. Technology helps to reduce the cost outlay in the activities of the organization. (Barass, 126)

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