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Let us start with the Objectives of Intent. The three points concerning “the participation as a part of the P. S. A group” seem to be clearly some of them, because first, they introduce no measurable aspects, and secondly, because they are all made by the same way, enouncing the way of thinking of P. S. A, in terms of partnership, their views of their future, in order to make their partners apply and share their values and policy.

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Concerning the first point, we can indeed notice that they only indicate the way they see their partnership in terms of production and consequently, there are no emphasized level of involvement concerning their support, that could be monitored. Concerning the two others points, the main information that is given, is that the firm has to help and support the group in order to increase the sales, the market shares, and to improve the profitability, in order to be more competitive. These two objectives gives us no data concerning the level of commitment a partner has to respect toward the group.

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We can conclude this part by noticing that at every time, the Charter let hover an ambiguity over concerning the objectives, because they give clear ones to the group and let the place of the firm not precisely defined (certainly, in order to get more freedom to define it later). In the first point of the “company aims” part, concerning the running of the production plant by an effective manner, two objectives can be linked up to it; first, it could be considered as an objective of Intent because it contains qualitative terms, such as “quality”, “efficiently”, “by maximum attention”, which contributes to make it hazy.

But, on the other hand, this one could be considered as an objective of Process, because it concerns the production and especially the way to improve it in order to be more productive (this part shows an evolution of the concept). The two last points of this part, concerning the kind of service they expect and the staff, are objectives of Intent too, because for the first one, there is no way to measure the kind of service, they would like to deliver and for the one concerning the staff, the level of security and rewarding cannot be interpreted in an objective way.

The last point seems to be only made to include the staff to their policy. “Our customers and suppliers” part talks about the definition of the customers for the group and the only objective that appears is the satisfaction of the customers, which is a clear objective Intent. The given definition of the customers does not enable us to measure their satisfaction. Finally, the last objective of Intent is the “future” part and more precisely and the latter, because its goals is to rally the staff and the firm by showing how important it is to improve always their work, highlighting the fact that their work security depends on it.

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