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1. The stimuli of consumption behavior are the technological, economical, political and cultural factors. The consumption behavior is unlike for every social class the consumer belongs to and the determinants are occupation, source of income, and education. Consumption behavior can be defined as the measures a person takes in purchasing and using and dispose of products and services including the cognitive and social processes that precede and pursue these actions and these processes have impact on the consumer and society.

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Consumers are different from one another. Brad and Lisa belong to different social class and the influence they have on their consumption behavior as well as the influence others have on Brad and Lisa’s consumption behavior will be different. Brad represents the middle social class and the family influence is greater and determine by consumer socialization, passage through the family life cycle and decision making within the family. Buying behavior of Brad includes the endorsement of family members, somehow friends and also get effected by the buying power. His buying behavior might show less loyalty to the product or for seller. Living in a more socialize place encompasses the sharing of good and bad consumption experiences, the intervention of others like family, friends, and neighbors etc.,

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Comments from others on the purchased product or service, Purchase power enabled by income level and this depicts that Brad could lead to influence the purchase decision of others as his own behavior will be effected by the others interference and sharing. This all process increases the awareness of the customer about the new products in the market as well. But the influence Brad has within those surroundings is higher but quite less in the upper class or outer part of his own neighborhood.

Lisa’s manages her own house and in that isolation of taking decision pertinent to buying incorporates less intervention of others and her income level also allow her. She is fully empowered to take purchasing decisions and consumption behavior embraces the brand loyalty and might attend the prestigious events so can encounter the other people of same social class as well as it can influence the middle society.

This can also develop the need recognition and usage of product after getting inspired can eliminate the evaluation and result I direct purchasing.

The purchase decision process in general comprises of 5 stages a customer passes through in making choices and are as follows: Problem recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase decision and post purchase behavior. Consumers sometime omit or curtail one or more steps in the purchase decision process depending on the level of involvement, the personal, social, and economic significance of the purchase.

The marketer wants to understand the buying process of almost every customer and it can be done by getting the information related to every factor including the personal (age and occupation, income level, cultural, economic, social (family, role and status), lifestyle, personality and also the psychological factors. This all information can enable the marketer to approach and target customers easily and the people will become more receptive. This process of consumer behavior, while very useful, is highly simplified and does not always accurately reflect the decision process consumers follow. Consumers may not always proceed linearly. Understanding the behavior is integral to an efficient transfer of goods and services. Observation of consumers is a powerful tool and help marketers to reach customers.Looking at how consumers select products may produce insights into how they make decisions and what they ask for.

2. Cultural factors exercise an extensive and deep influence on consumer behavior. Culture can be defined as the set of basic values, perceptions, wants and behaviors learned by a member of society from family and institutions. Subculture can be defined as a cluster of people shared common value (Kotler & Armstrong 11th Ed, p.137).

When consumers are making purchase decisions they take in to consideration the culture of their country. Culture becomes a criteria of appraisal for consumers for deciding numerous purchase decision. The purchasers possess an attitude and perception for different products associated to the various countries. Like, consumers have their attitude about the foreign products.

Lisa’s consumption pattern would be included the branded products, she would have her own style and following to that she would be a loyal customer as she has the power to take decisions independently and moreover her income allows her to buy expensive and quality products. Moreover her emphasis would be on her status, personality and also the life style.

Brad would be explorer of new products and services in the market but can afford less and can’t take decision on his own discretion and get influenced by the information shared by others about the products and services.


Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (11 edition). Principles of Marketing. chicago.


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