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The buying behavior of final consumers individuals and households that buy goods and service for personal consumption. The Hasly-Davidson example shows that many different factors affect consumer buying behavior. Buying behavior is never simple. Yet understanding it is the essential task of marking management. Consumer buyer behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumers individuals and households that by goods and service for personal consumption. Consumers around the world vary tremendously in age, income, education level and tastes.

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They also buy an incredible variety of goods and services. How these divers consumers relate with each other and with other elements of the word around them impacts their choices among various products, services, and companies. Here we examine the fascinating array of factors that affect consumer behavior. 3. Consumer Market: All the individuals and household who buy or acquire goods and services for personal consumption. All of these final consumers combine to make up the consumer market. The central question or marketers is how do consumers respond to various marketing efforts the company. . Model of Consumer Behavior: Consumers make many buying decision every day, and the buying decision is the focal point of the market efforts. Most large companies research consumer buying decisions in great detail to answer questions about what consumers buy, where they buy, how and how much they buy, where they buy and why they buy. Marketers can study actual consumer purchase to find out what they buy, where and how much. But learning about the whys of consumer buy in behavior is not so easy-the answers are often lacked deep within the consumers mind.

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Often consumers themselves don’t know exactly what influences their purchases. “mind doesn’t work in a linear way. ” “Says one marketing expert. ” The idea that the mind is a computer with storage compartments where brands or large or recognizable packages are stored in clearly marked folders that can be accessed by clearly written ads or commercials simply does not exist. Instead the mind is a whirling, swirling, jumbled mass of neurons bouncing around. Colliding and continuously creating new concept and thoughts and relationships inside every single person’s brain all over the world.

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