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Critical thinking is an intellectual process that uses and evaluates available data to arrive at a conclusion or decision. It goes through three major steps: insight, analysis and finally, the appraisal of all variables involved in a particular scenario. The critical thinker raises important questions about the problem. The questions are clear and concise. He interprets ideas using information that is relevant to the questions he formulated. And he maintains an open mind on alternative sources or decisions.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making Process TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

In decision making, critical thinking is important because through the process, the person who has to make the decision will not make rash judgments. He can reflect on the tangible results and the intangible effects of his would-be decision. Critical thinking will help the person arrive at a decision that mixes common sense and scientific proof. The decision is made from the verbal or written evidence, observations, reasoning and experience, without bias.

For instance, a chief executive officer of a retail business has to make a decision concerning the upgrading of his workforce. The critical thoughts that he should be making are: if there are enough qualified professionals in the market, and what are the chances that a shift towards professionalizing the workforce would prove beneficial to the organization in the long run? The CEO can’t just ask those who fall below the industry standard to step down. He has to weigh the consequences both from the company’s perspective and the employees’.

If he will rush through the decision making process, his company could end up losing a lot of valuable employees and they could be facing many litigation. Also, the CEO has to consider if the company would be able to attract talented individuals in the market knowing that his company may not be that attractive to likely candidates. Reference Yahoo! Answers. What is Critical Thinking. Retrieved August 13, 2008, from http://answers. yahoo. com/question/index? qid=1005123002923

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