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Custom Hand Fans are a powerful tool for advertising. Consumers love something that they can personally use, and the custom hand fan is a promotional tool that many businesses are taking advantage of. If you want to promote your business, show candidate support for a politician, or build team spirit, the custom hand fans are an excellent choice. They are cost effective and get your message out. They are also a keepsake that people appreciate and remember and one that makes your brand or service or event stand out.

There are many other uses for custom made fans, as well. They have become a popular choice in a wedding favor for summertime weddings. When the wedding is held outside in the hot summer heat, there isn’t a greater way to keep guests comfortable. For outdoor concerts, baseball and football games, or a rally, they also come in handy. The fans have many benefits, such as keeping the event goer cool, promotional advertising and building team spirit and serving as a memento.


Hand held fans should be constructed of high-quality materials. They will include a coated board stock and a handle. High-quality fans will be made of a basswood handle. Whether a business, organization, or a club, or whatever you’d like to promote, the fan allows the promoter to advertise their logo and message. The surface of the fans are large and have plenty of room for printing. The hand held fans offer the most flexibility and creativity in your design. A professional company will have artists that help to design and create the fan.

The fans are easy to obtain. In fact, currently on the Internet, there are many online stores that customize the fans. For the most part, the companies are reputable but that does not mean that it won’t be necessary to do your homework. You should research the history of the company to insure their credibility and reputability. It is essential that they are who they say they are.

Another benefit of advertising or celebrating with the hand held fans are that they are economical. Custom hand held fans not only get the message across and are economical. With bulk orders, most companies offer a discount, which could bring the cost down to a few cents per order.

The fans can be customized to specific shapes and sizes. Suppose they are going to be used for a sporting event and the mascot is a tiger. You might then choose to have the fan cut in the shape of a tiger. If the fans are going to serve as favors for a wedding, you might put the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding. The possibilities are endless. For promotional hand fans, the fans reach the public, getting your message out while being appreciated.

For business that are promoting their brand or service it is essential that the promotional material is both efficient and economical. The hand fan is both and one that helps to create brand awareness and image.

offers a wide selection of for promotional advertising. The website can even create a custom hand fan in the shape of your specific logo or sales product.

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