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Employee empowerment involves the identification of the level of responsibility and authority is given to the individual. A number of organizations talks about employee empowerment but few of them practice it. Employees are the vital stakeholder of an organization. However, managers such as autocratic managers have a tendency of not utilizing employee empowerment. Such managers will oversee each and every aspect of employee’s work and will never give up control which is wrong.

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They come under the category of command and control or order and obey cultures. For example if we look at the structure of employee empowerment organization it would look something like reversed triangle of organizational influence. (Robert Heller, 2005). Employee empowerment reduces the levels of chain of command therefore it gives more attention to customer-based strategy. Managers who are dedicated towards employee empowerment strategy should give up control from employees.

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An employee who feels like being constantly observed and criticized by the manager is more expected to think about as a negative environment. Self interest for the organizations economic concern, the organization brings in the joint key to empowerment which is not good in any way. The major problem of an organization is that most of the firms, unwittingly, obstruct the ability and employees effort to perk up their performance. The task over here is not to empower the employees but it is to enable them.

Employees of an organization should feel good about what they are; they should respect each other, generate intended agreement which consist of rules and regulations that direct their lives and providing them enough resources, authority, knowledge, tools, support, motivation and bonus so that they will contribute their efforts in work assigned to them. (Jay H. Heizer & Barry Render, 2000). For example, if we look at Co-operative Bank, the organization has improved its structure through motivation of employees.

The concept used in Co-operative Bank is of all employees working mutually for shared advantage and listening to the ideas given by the staff members. Previously, the bank lacked the approach of handling the ideas as a result they were not able to benefit with the ideas. In 1992, the scheme developed by its employees was restored into a remarkable effect. First they focused on the ideas that impact the bank as a whole in a positive manner. Next the developed a process to handle those ideas. Suggestions given by the employees were discussed by the manager.

According to the scheme manager Graham Holt, the originality idea directs towards project teamwork. This rule is very important for employee’s motivation and to make sure that suggestions are implemented in a proper way. Though the originator of the idea is rewarded five percent of the savings which is up to 25,000 pounds. From 1992, Co-operative Bank has earned up to ten million pounds by the ideas generated by its employees such as to save money by lessening the waster paper by the replacement of notepaper with wipe off cards. (Tricia Ellis-Christensen, 2008)

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