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Since the treaty of Rome, the European Union set its aims, which many are yet to be realized. The major aims of the union which have failed were; to maintain and structure Europe on the established EU law, develop the Europe to be a region which encompasses on freedom, justice as well as security among its citizens. The union was also focused on introducing a universal European citizenship to its citizens in addition to the promotion of social and economic progress, which have significantly failed (Top Aims undated).

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Stephen (2002) noted that the EU must work over adjustments that will pave way for a constitution, in order to confront its failings on its basic aims as well as objectives. The EU has failed in taking its annual audits and various member states are accusing the union over allegation of mis-spending of public funds at a great scale. Failure of EU on its policies on agriculture EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has failed as a result of lack of goal setting as well as lack of cohesion between agriculture and trade policies.


The major failure of the policy is its encouragement for intensive commercialized agricultural production, which has dramatically led to farmland biodiversity decline. The agricultural policy has failed to address the conflict mainly between developing countries and the EU, where it is alleged that the policy is highly detrimental to agricultural ties between the EU and other countries, specifically the developing countries. It has been noted that several reforms have been undergone but still the CAP remains dysfunctional as well as being wasteful.

Critics argue that the EU budget allocates forty percent, monetary allocation to CAP, but still up to date its policies on agriculture have not yielded significant progress (Europe needs new CAP 2009). Failure of EU on Democracy. Democratizing the EU has been a challenging phenomenon since its formation. Despite several changes being made on its constitution by the Lisbon Treaty, the union still has a democratic deficit, in the sense that its new democratic control mechanisms have failed to implement democratic capacities obtained from national parliaments of individual member states.

Generally the union has failed in democratizing its authority over Europe and specifically within its member states (Development Report undated). Failure of EU on Economic prosperity. The EU single market aim of integrating the EU market has not met its anticipated benefits to citizens of member states of the union. The union has lost its ability in the protection of the single market, from the ever intensifying protectionism from member states.

The excessive regulation of the market is also another factor evidencing the failure of the union to effectively deliver to the benefit of its citizens. Disintegration and lack of conformity to market laws among individual state members has been counted among the major factors that has undermined the benefits of the single market owed to the EU citizens (Gerken & Bolkestein undated). References. Europe needs a new CAP, 2009, Birdlife International, Available from: <http://www. birdlife.

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