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Business is a  collective effort of Government and market with a specified General Model to offer goods and services in exchange of money, with prescribed quality, satisfaction and as a preferred choice of consumer. There are monopolies to stiffen the competition such as cars which is a monopoly on the roads., government intervention into public and private goods for exploitation of politicization  result in chaos and confusion giving a scope for all sorts of malpractices and fraudulent ways of business violating the rules of law and order.  As a matter of fact, vehicle theft  has become most common property crime in the United States as much as costing eight billion dollars per year.  

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Taking the advantage of the Government policies, businesses have grown beginning in health care, technology, infrastructure and industrial sector. Especially, in car segment, there is upgradation of new car models involving exorbitant sums, in Ford, Honda, Toyota, Benz and BMW. Apart from these reputed brands, there is an availability of wide market of variety of cars from various companies which operate on sale of low cost cars.  The demand for spare parts  such as doors, engine, seats, wheels is always on the higher side, as companies supply of car accessories is on the lower side, either as a replacement or purchase of new.   This particular hindrance has been commercialized to the advantage of  embezzlement of the lacuna resulting in an increase of vehicle theft and white collar crime which costs more than $300 billion per year according the sources of FBI.

 It is always in the interest of Government to provide mass education in every aspect to the public as a system of democracy and also in order to bring awareness among citizens about the ways and means of monitoring of vehicles such as installation of deterrent devices particularly, the club and VIN which makes it difficult to resell car accessories.

The severity of cyber crime over resale of spare parts or cars invites acute enforcement of legal protection for consumer property as it is prevalent in most parts of the world. Presently there are 33 countries which have not updated cyber laws. Also these crimes cause huge losses and turn off the business for many international reputed brands. This dual damage can be worked out only with the imposition of stringent laws of property crime with severe penalties.

Conclusively, Government and business markets collectively must entail   to the work of reordering of situation in terms of goods, services and providing social security system to the public, which otherwise have no purpose of either in doing a business or in running a Government.


Among the priority issues of a Government, public safety and security holds at acme, and taking the advantage of advanced technology methods, educating public about suggestive measures of prevention of theft and burglary would further lessen the obligations of Government which would work out to a collective and permanent solution to activate legal and social system at both the levels and be vigilant in all respective areas of public and private properties.    On the other side, public must be alert and cautious with the unfair trade practice and crime rate, and set forth all the appropriate safety measures in public as well as private residential areas for any unforeseen situation that is encountered by providing quicky and easy access methods of theft-alarms, emergency 24×7 police services for self-protection and in safe-guarding the properties.



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