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Software technology is dedicated to planing, modifying and implementing packages so that it is of high quality, and faster to construct. This chapter concentrate its attempt on design form that this undertaking deserves, and besides the system layout, usage instances, HCI component, serviceability, usefulness and user experience.

4.2. Design Forms

“ Design Patterns are repeating solution to plan job you see over and over ” .et al Cooper 2001. In other words, design form is a description of how to work out a job that can be used in many different state of affairss. Design forms are non merely about the design of objects but besides the interaction between them.

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A common form usage for this undertaking is Model-View-Controller ( MVC ) which divides the user interface into three parts

– Datas theoretical account

– Position

– Accountant

Data Model manages the behavior and information of the application sphere whereas position renders the theoretical account into a signifier suitable for interaction ( user interface ) and accountant interacts between the user and the position.

4.3. MVC Pattern

The User Interface is separated from the theoretical account ( concern logic ) . The user interface creates an object of the control classes and calls their methods. The control categories are wholly independent of the user interface. There are many assorted design forms incorporated together. Therefore the simplest design form that can be identified in this solution is Model View Controller ( MVC ) form.

Model: application province ( maintains application province and implements state-changing behavior ) . The bundle which had identified is “ Stego ” bundle.

Position: Output ( Screen and file end product ) . The bundles identified under these are:

“ Graphical user interface ” ( as the User Interface )

“ Filters ” ( to cover with image input and end product )

Accountant: Tells the theoretical account or position to alter consequently. The bundle identified under this “ Algorithm ” bundle which makes determination to do theoretical account alteration consequently.

4.4. System Layout

System Layout refers to any program, study, pulling, or lineation designed to show or explicate how something works or to clear up the relationship between the parts of a whole undertaking system.

4.5. Use instance Diagram

A usage instance diagram in the Unified Modeling Language ( UML ) is a type of behavioural diagram defined by and created from a Use-case analysis. Its intent is to show a graphical overview of the functionality provided by a system in footings of histrions, their ends ( represented as usage instances ) , and any dependences between those use instances ( Bennett et al. , 2006 ) .

The chief intent of a usage instance diagram is to demo what system maps are performed for which histrion. Functions of the histrions in the system can be depicted.

Fig 4.2 usage instance diagram

4.6. Design Class Diagram

A category diagram is a structural diagram that shows categories with their properties, operations, and associations between other categories ( Bennett et al. , 2006 ) . It shows the templets ( categories ) of objects that can be manipulated by other categories. Basically, it is a design of the package plan. At this phase, the analysis UML category diagrams have been detailed to organize design category diagrams. These design category diagrams contain informations types of properties, parametric quantities and return types of operations, and object visibleness. “ An operation ‘s signature is determined by the operation ‘s name, the figure and type of its parametric quantities and the type of the return value if any ” ( Bennett et al. , 2006 ) .

4.7. Sequence Diagram

The design of this merchandise requires some facets of clip, synchronal, and asynchronous message go throughing item. Sequence diagrams specify set of objects and communicating form amongst them ( Bennett et al. , 2006 ) . In this instance, the object cases are modelled in footings of functions they play. They model the dynamic behavior for of import usage instances specified in the usage instance diagram.

4.8. HCI Elementss

Bainbridge ( 2004 ) said that “ Human-Computer Interaction ( HCI ) is besides known as man-machine interaction ( MMI ) or computer-human interaction ( CHI ) . ” These are the surveies of interaction between people ( users ) and computing machines. Interaction between users and computing machines occurs at the user interface ( or merely interface ) ; this is the screen that the user sees, instead than the back terminal support systems such as database or web and includes both package and hardware, for illustration, general intent computing machine peripherals and large-scale mechanical systems such as air trade and power workss.

User in calculating context is one who uses a computing machine system. Users may necessitate to place themselves for the intent of accounting, security, logging and resource direction. Users are besides widely characterized as the category of people that uses a system without complete proficient expertness required to to the full understand the system. They are besides called existent users or terminal users, who in popular construct in package technology, mentioning to an abstraction of the group of individuals who will finally run a piece of package.

The abstraction is meant to be utile in the procedure of planing the user interface, and is hence built on a relevant subset of any user ‘s features which may include computing machine interface user is comfy with, his/her proficient expertness and grade of cognition in specific Fieldss or subjects, and any other information which is believed to be relevant in a specific undertaking. The sample of interaction between users and computing machines is described in the followers.

Figure 4.5. Concept of HCI ( Source from Bainbridge ( 2004 ) )

The user interface is included in HCI, which interact with a peculiar machine, device, computing machine plan or other complex tool ( the system ) . The user interface provides

Input, leting the users to pull strings a system.

Output, leting the system to bring forth the effects of the users ‘ use.

In order words, it is frequently used in the context of computing machine systems and electronic devices. The user interface of a mechanical system, a vehicle or an industrial installing is sometimes referred to as the human-machine interface ( HMI ) . The most common type of user interface which is one of the facts to concern with in HCI is

Graphical User Interface ( GUI ) accepts input via devices such as computing machine keyboard and mouse and provides articulated graphical end product on the computing machine proctor.

4.9. Serviceability

The merchandise is traveling to be chiefly concerned about user enabling to hold privateness in order to hold communicating without cognizing or surmising anyone else. So it can be assumed that the application has got capableness for users to hold their ain safety.

4.10. Utility

Every people have the rights of their ain privateness. As this application is about concealing secret image into the screen secret image, it may be utile in such a point to hold a private communicating.

4.11. User Experience

Figure 4.6. Expected Interface Design of Java Steganography Application

The user interface design will be designed harmonizing as it shown in above figure. The buttons are traveling to be at the underside all together so user will non acquire baffled which button to snap to make the maps consequently. And it is traveling to expose image way when user chink get message so they can see clearly that which 1 is traveling to be secret and which one to be cover image. There will be menu tapes at the top. There is traveling to be a tape called About which will be able to direct users what will go on by snaping which buttons and so on. Therefore, this application is traveling to be concerned about user experience as a portion of Human Computer Interaction ( HCI ) every bit good.

4.12. Decision

The undertaking system production has been taken into consideration, by developing a paradigm that is both socially and technically acceptable. The interface has been developed harmonizing to HCI guidelines, and font size and color shall be used to keep consistency. Furthermore, design spiels and bing libraries have been identified for the development of the paradigm.

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