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Our team has focus on a US subsidiary company, II-VI Singapore Private Limited in our project to study how this organization changes, in term of strategy, structure and design, in responding to internal and external factors in its environment, in obtaining scare resources to control and coordinate its action, at the same time enjoying economies of scale and scope, for value creation and achieving organizational goals.

From interpreting the theory of Organization Structure & Design we have learnt from in the module, we learnt to analysis an organization and explain why it is necessary for organization to change over time so as not to lose its core value and be competitive in its industry. (Refer to Appendix A for the relationship among organizational theory, structure, culture, design and change)


We have identified that this organization has went through various organizational changes since established till today so as to increase their effectiveness, speed and competitiveness in its industry, thus gaining competitive edge in its market. The main goal of its organizational change is to find new and better ways of using limited resources and capabilities to increase the organization’s ability to create values and provide excellence services to its customers.

We will adopt the principles of vertical and horizontal differentiation and functional structure concept to analysis the organization design and structure and recommend solution to its problems. We realize that with the changes in the organization structure, there will be problem of employee resistance so we will analysis the various employee resistances to the change and recommend solution to prevent or reduce its impact on the organization’s growth.

The parent company, II-VI Incorporated headquartered in Saxonburg, PA, was founded in 1971, which maintains the manufacturing facilities, distributors, and agents worldwide. Incorporated recognizes the needs of optics supply to photonics and laser industry within Asia Pacific, thus II-VI Singapore Private Limited was established in 1988. II-VI Singapore brought for the first time world-class CO2 laser optics manufacturing to Asia. II-VI Singapore’s mission is to supply infrared optics of the highest quality and at the best value.

These optics are used in a variety of laser systems, such as CO2, Erbium and Yag, for cutting and welding as well as for medical and tabletop manufacturing applications. A dedicated II-VI Singapore and China team of technicians strives hard to provide their customer with the best quality ; value products as well as quick responsive service, which in turn deliver 100% worldwide customer satisfaction. n 1996, II-VI Singapore established a subsidiary, II-VI Optics (Suzhou) Company Limited located in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou, China.

The Subsidiary focuses on optical fabrication for a wide variety of infrared and near infrared optical components. After fabrication, these optics are shipped to Singapore for application of thin film coatings in the II-VI Singapore state-of-the-art coating facility. II-VI Singapore markets its products and services through a worldwide network of sales offices and representatives and from strategically located international service and/or manufacturing facilities in the United States, Singapore, China and Vietnam.

II-VI Singapore values are Customers first, Honesty and Integrity, Open Communication, Teamwork, Continuous Improvement and Learning, Manage by “Facts” and A Safe, Clean and Orderly workplace. Singapore Private Limited has thirteen (13) employees in the organization structure when it is a new player for optics supply to photonics and laser industry in 1988. It is a very tall hierarchy structure and centralization where decisions are make by top-level manager. (Refer to Appendix B for the employee existing individual work roles in Singapore organization)

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