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Discrimination in the workplace exists in whole world, and United States is no exception. What do we mean when we use the world “discrimination”? It has been defined as random, baseless and unfair treatment of different categories of people. Discrimination in the workplace is “distinguish unfavorably”. Discrimination in the workplace has different faces. It will be caused by gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religious, political beliefs and other. In this essay I will discuss the age discrimination which is a serious problem in the United States. How does reveal the age discrimination? How is government attitude about this issue?
Age discrimination begins when person is more than 47 years-old. Workers between 48-75, most of them have their own age discrimination experience. Age discrimination exists, and it has different forms. Like, age discrimination in hiring, promotions, training, benefits, reduced job opportunities and duties. Employers have rights to ask applicants their age, sex, marital status… But discrimination in hiring or employment is illegal. They cannot refuse applicant for her/him age, or marital status. But it is happened. Also, we must indicate that age discrimination in women is higher than in men. So, older women experience double discrimination.
How is discrimination in hiring? Age discrimination in hiring has a big history in the United States. There are many studies about this problem. We will discuss one experiment, that clearly show us, age discrimination really exists, and it is serious problem for older people, who have appropriate education and experience, but employers do not give them opportunities to demonstrate it.
Neumork, Burn, and Button made a research, which name was “correspondence study” they created more than 40 000 job applicants profile with different ages and applied for positions. Female applicant’s positions were: secretary and administrative assistant. Male applicant’s positions were: junior and security guards. There were also positions for both gender such as retail sales. The results of experiment were the same, that we have already discussed. The callback for interview for older women (64 to 66) was average 40-45% lower than younger women (29 to 31). The results were same in men. The callback in older men was lower than in younger. But in one case (retail assistant) there was 30% different between older and younger men. And 36% in the rates for older and young women.
Age discrimination face different face in workplace. It is not only means that older people experience discrimination in hiring, but also employers sometimes using force against them, when they have their retirement ages. Sometimes employers reduced their job opportunities and beneifts, decreased their training for progress. Emplyers try to change older people with young people, because younger employee have lower job history and accordingly, they can demand lower slaries in the same job. Also, other reason maybe is that older people have more costly insurance.
How is government attitude about this issue? ADEA is a federal law, which congress passed in 1967, it was created

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