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Living in a world where there is economic crisis and political instability can made one selfish and uncaring about others. We in Guyana are no different. Many persons are so caught up in the survival process that they do not think about the welfare of others. ‘ refer here to altruistic obvious which speak about an act or expression of concern for others which does not bring any benefit or reward. Good Samaritan seem to be a thing of the past, when we analyses people’s day by day behavior. On my way to the Campus I saw the ruthless and selfish behavior of the drivers on the road.

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They will not stop if someone stands at the curb waiting to cross the street. Eventually, when my Dad stopped for an old lady to cross the street, the vehicles behind us began a “Honking” session. It seems people are always in a hurry. In recent times, there has been an increase of homeless people roaming our streets. How many of us, will consistently give, whether cash or kindness to these people? Yet, if there is a telethon on a Television Station people become very charitable because their names will be mentioned, so they give to impress. It is man’s general nature to e rewarded, whether psychologically or materially.

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So to be charitable away public from the public eyes is not encouraging, since no one will know how much we gave. But we need to be “our brother’s keeper”. Elf God is blessing us, we souls be a blessing to others. The reward is greater in heaven if we make someone’s life better in our own way. Luke cheap:28 says “to love your neighbor as yourself. ” So we ought to show concern for others. I read a Religious article in ” The Reader’s Digest” which described how a a Christian stopped and spoke too man about the love of God the an was sitting quietly on a bridge.

During the conversation I was learnt test the man recently lost his wife. After the conversation the man revealed that he had decided to jump from the bridge, since he missed his wife so much. The Christian’s intervention saved the man’s life. Altruistic behavior can surely save the world. Lat is stated in John Thornton “Psychological Behavior” that many cultures view truism as a positive personality trait and altruistic acts are in fat highly valued. Many religions including Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam promote altruism among their followers.

Therefore, I urge you to be more altruistic in your daily life. Stop giving in exchange for favorable rewards. Give because you genuinely want to be your brother’s keeper Stop contributing in order to impress people but because you want to make a difference in the life of a person. Remember the popular quote from “The Holy Bible”, there is more blessing in giving than in receiving. Therefore, you are not righteous if you cannot express unselfish concern for others. Try to practice altruistic behavior in your daily life. If we all do this, the world will be a much better place. Economic Crisis By scheme

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