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In engaging in effective project management, it is important to have clear conceptual knowledge and oversight of the general and specific aspects of the particular project. Project managers need to consider the scope of the project, processes, assets, and environmental factors involved (Nielsen, 2007). The operations of particular projects involve knowledge about deliverables, relationships, resources, and internal and external organizational cultures. In beginning a project, it is essential for the project manager to develop a defined conceptual framework with the client which can be straightforwardly communicated and implemented (Cleland & Ireland, 2006).

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In the case of a company called Prima Text and Image Marketing, the proprietor is engaged in setting up a project in which Prima takes on the responsibility for developing new menus for a chain of restaurants called Voodoo Veg. In creating a comprehensive project package, it is essential for the project manager to identify issues, plan and budget, use visual aids and timelines, and communicate with involved staff members.

Identify Issues

The issues involved with is project center on the fact that the team from Prima is to develop a large scale package of new menus with original text and graphics to be completed through the Voodoo Veg corporate office for eight local franchise restaurants. A total of 1200 menus are needed, 150 menus per restaurant. The complete artwork, including text, graphics, menu covers, and creative marketing is being requested from Prima. The Sole Proprietor of Prima Text and Image Marketing is the Project Manager, with three other staff members on board.

The three other staff members include a Communications Director, a Technical Director, and an Office Manager. The Project Manager has the responsibility of securing and overseeing identified projects with clients such as the CEO of Voodoo Veg and is the main point of contact. The Marketing Director is engaged in keeping abreast of modern marketing trends and implementing new ideas, while the Technical Director is engaged in carrying out the technical artwork. The Office Manager runs the office in regard to duties such as taking calls and ordering supplies, and all members of the team engage in communication with one another regarding all aspects of the project.

Plan & Budget

It is necessary to have a plan and budget for the project, so that all aspects of the transaction run smoothly and according to the agreement between Prima and Voodoo. The contract must specify the deliverables, which include 1200 printed menus of top quality marketing and artistic standards, all sheathed within fabric lined menu covers. Each of the completed menus is estimated to have a basic printing cost of about $4 per menu. In addition to the deliverables, there is the question of hourly rates of payment for all employees.

The Project Manager charges $180 per hour, the Marketing Director charges $144 per hour, the Technical Director charges $126 per hour, and the Office Manager charges $96 per hour. The total estimate for the hours per person for this project is 80. In calculating the total cost of deliverables, the price of the 1200 printed menus is $4,800. The total cost for the hourly wages comes to $43,680. Therefore, the total project cost is $48,480.

Visual Aids & Timeline

The timeline and visual aids for the project are important components for communicating the conceptual framework of the project. This project is estimated by the Project Manager as being completed over an eight week time period, utilizing an estimate of 10 hours per work week per staff member. The following timeline and visual aids give an overview of the services being performed and the goods being delivered:

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Project Manager Coordinate and oversee project plans and implementation.
Marketing Director Engage in modern marketing trends and implement comprehensive marketing strategy.
Technical Director Perform technical artwork related to text and graphics, designing the complete menu package.
Office Manager Available to take calls, order supplies, cater to meetings and clients, and outsource printing and assembling.

Deluxe Café Style Menus and Covers $4 each


It is essential for all members of the project team to communicate with one another on a regular basis. Team members include the CEO or representative from Voodoo, the Sole Proprietor/Project Manager from Prima, the three other staff members from Prima, and the outsourced printing agency representative. Although not all members of this large team need to be present at every meeting, these are the key players involved. Smaller team meetings are to include only the staff members from Prima. Regular communication is essential in maintaining active coordination of plans, so that everyone is on the same page and that the project is running on schedule.


Generally speaking, it is vital for project mangers to be able to visualize and understand the need for oversight of the scope, development, and potential crises involved in project management. When projects run over time or are not completed with respect to the needs of the client, then trouble can arise, causing pain and frustration for everyone involved. Progressive project managers are able to take a systems approach in planning, scheduling, and controlling, so that the entire project run smoothly from start to finish (Kerzner, 2009). In the case of Prima and Voodoo, the best case scenario is a well prepared formal contract outlining all of the details and arrangements and a highly satisfying final product for all parties involved.


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