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The research was carried out out to identify patterns of impact in the mass research about the effects of technology on learning.In the research, the methods of data collected are in quantitative syntheses. The researchers was to measure its relative benefits and also to identify how much more effective teaching and learning process with digital technologies.

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They conducted a systematic research of education databases and journals revealed 48 studies which age between 5-18 years old. The researcher accept this presents with partial or backward-looking. They also suggested that it is only review approach to allowed a systematic comparison of a large number.

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In the point, it stated that they used Meta-analysis which is a method of combining data from similar studies to provide an overall quantitative synthesis or ‘pooled estimate of effect’. The Meta-analysis allow researcher to approximated the possibility of the impact of technology on learning in terms of the complete calculation.

As for the result, the researchers used different involvement in using technology which can be combined to identify clearer conclusions about involvement that are effective and which leads to associated with more effective approaches. It is evident from the reading that the advantages of meta-analysis over other approaches to research that is combined or ‘pools’ approximate from range of studies. Other than that, it can be total the results to identify patterns or trends in finding over time.

They also discuses the fact that they added the findings same research vary more that can be predicted from their examples so that the causes of this difference can be studied. Moreover, this is particularly valuable as the results from a different of smaller studies can be united to provide answer to questions without depending on the important statistical of each of the individual studies as this relate to sample size.

For example, many studies with effects of average and low effects may not able to reached statistically important. The researchers stated that if they viewed the field by counting how statistically important that they may be misleading into having a thought that the evidence is less unquestionable than if they combine these research into one study or meta-analysis.

A keen reader will realize that the researchers point out some important things about meta-analyzing which is that it helps to deal with quantity of information in research which can become overwhelm by other approaches. From the article, it is clear that it is very important when trying to draw relative inferences across different areas of education research.

Moreover, the number of researchers available to reviewed in any field of technology and education is immeasurable. Therefore, techniques to sum total and build up knowledge to propose further research, test theories and ideas are crucial.

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