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Emails have become one of the most common means of communication between people in personal as well as professional settings. However, very few people understand the true importance and usage of emails. Few have realized how flexible and useful emails can be, especially in the office settings. The paper aims to discuss the importance of email communication, along with outlining the apparent advantages and disadvantages of emails, particularly in the work place. Importance of Email Communication Emails just like any other form of written communication are subject to perception of the sender as well as the reader.

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Moreover, peoples’ perception as email being more casual or more formal than other forms of communication can result in a miscommunication between people. One of the main reasons why emails are not a preferred form of communication between people is the ease with which information overload can be created by the exchange of emails. However, importance of emails in work places cannot be undermined. (Joyce, B, nd) Emails today, especially in the work place are considered not only important, but also considered a legal proof of communication, and can be submitted in courts of law.

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This is a significant aspect related to emails and makes email communication more formal. Additionally, people have to careful as to what they say in their email messages as they can be held accountable for the text of the email. (Joyce, B, nd) Emails today have taken the shape of not just a means of communication but also as a form of marketing and personal selling. Online marketing is incomplete without emails, where email newsletters, discounts, and special news are circulated through emails online.

More so, emails have taken a new form of communication where along with telephone numbers, companies publish their email addresses for their stakeholders in if they have any queries or require some sort of information. (Joyce, B, nd) This leads us to the discussion on the various advantages of email communication, especially within the work place. Advantages of Email Communication One of the biggest advantages of using emails in the work place is the timestamp that is attached to email communication. This helps in verifying sales, solving problems in case where conflicts arise about time differences, etc.

In this context, it also becomes legally admissible in courts in some states. (Advantages of Email Communication) Another major advantage is the archiving facility that is available with emails. All emails, unlike a paper trail, can be archived quite effectively. Moreover, email applications provide various features including search, sorting, threading and flagging as well. This can help in keeping various email threads organized and easy to work with. Employees can keep personal conversation and office conversation threads separately as well. (Advantages of Email Communication)

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