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The integration of environmental issues on marketing decisions and planning is a complex process that involves a variety of systems. Marketing plays a significantly important role in the extent of sales, pricing, distribution and promotion of products. Legitimate reasons require marketing practitioners to continually integrates issues on the environment in the decision making process. Because of the marketing process consists of analysis of marketing opportunities, development of marketing strategies and programs and managing the marketing process, the strategies of marketing must be influenced by both external and internal influences.

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The external influences are the customers, the government, the shareholders, competitors and other pressure groups. The internal influences comprise of the orientation which takes into account the strategic view, culture and values. The organizational structure, communication and information structure, style of leadership and informal systems sum up the internal factors that influence the marketing process. The external influences therefore constitutes the environment upon which the marketing process is being carried out.

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It therefore follows that legislations constituted b the government and other pressure groups must be inculcated in the process. The societal concept of marketing holds that the organization must meet the needs, wants and interests of its target market in the delivery of satisfactory and efficient products. These can only be achieved if the organization operates in line with environmental policies and regulations that not only ensure that products passed to consumers are safe and of high quality but that it also works to promote the societies well being (Chantal Wouters)

To what extent then do marketers integrate environmental issues in the marketing process? This extent is largely dependent on the type of goods it produces for consumption by the public. Consumer goods companies have to comply with key environment regulatory issues as well as building a proactive environmental attitude not only to endear itself to the consumption masses but also to ensure that is production processes are environmentally friendly and therefore minimizing potential negative impact on the environment.

It is these factors that drive the adoption of environmentally sound production processes to meet NAFTA and GATT standards and spur economic growth and development in the long run. For newly established business intent in exploiting the current trade opportunities between the United States and Mexico, key on the priority list should be to ensure compliance to all national and trilateral provisions instituted guidelines that seek to enhance trade while at the same time ensuring that the environment remains healthy.

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