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Consumer behavior varies across regions. Individuals base theis purchasing decisions on various biases known to them alone. It is thus necessary for marketers to find out the specific preferences of individuals before making production and supply decisions. Such aspects like religion, age, income, tastes and preferences are known to play a critical role in the choices customers make. Innovations and technology have taken centre stage in the recent past in reference to consumption.

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The fact that certain aspects such as, preference affects consumer behavior invokes the element of psychology. Innovations also contribute towards affecting the way people make choices regarding what they end up purchasing. For instance, the innovative approaches by marketers to use the latest technological advancements in the field of socialization are testament to the view that consumer behavior is a function of psychology. Popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc have risen to influence how advertising is done.

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The Middle East has not been alien to the changes in technology characterizing the world, as a result, businesses which aim to remain in business need to focus on innovative approaches to improve both their products and the ways in which they advertise their products. Innovations are viewed in reference to two aspects, the first centers on improving the quality of products, the second one focuses on advancing the approach used in reaching a target population. The aim of a producer or a seller is to convince the target market.

In this case, the Middle East region is not any different from other markets. Improving the quality of goods produced will go a long way in affecting the psychology of consumers. This is held because it is in the minds of consumers that consuming a quality product is worthy the expenditure. Advertising is also important as it basically plays with the minds of people. The use of up to date advertising methods is expected to play an influential role in the choices consumers make.

In the Middle East region, religion is an important factor in consumption. As a result, any marketer or seller should understand the religious dynamics of the area. The Islamic religion offers guidelines in reference to usage of some products. For instance, the religion does not allow for the consumption of certain products like pork and alcohol. This implies that the range of options in terms of selection is limited by the religious orientation of people.

Psychologically, religion gives individuals an identity. It is thus an aspect, which definitely shapes the choices people make in reference to purchasing. For example, the requirement to wear Islamic dresses and veils implies that individuals are bound to purchase them with a view to conforming to the societal norms. This paper concludes that technological innovations continue to shape the way in which individuals make their consumption choices.

The dynamic nature of innovations implies that marketers must embrace change or face elimination from other players. The paper however notes that innovations play a role in affecting the psychological dispositions of individuals in a big way. Religious grounds also hold an influential role in the way in which individuals make consumption choices. Finally, this paper proposes that a study should be carried out to determine the effect of innovations and psychology on the behavior of consumers in the Middle East region.

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