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As a manager It Is my responsibility to make sure that I am following the procedures correctly as well as my employees. By leading by example and taking all of the correct steps to contain the material instead of Just throwing it in the trash and walking away m being a good role model to my employees that the environment is important and we each need to do our part ensuring its survival. The waste we are dealing with, for example laundry detergent, cosmetics and dish soap Is minor compared to what some companies deal with but it is still very important that we take the correct steps 1 OFF learned from.

Recently there was an issue with an employee misusing their discount, she had given copies of her discount card to all of her family and they were using it. One of my peers brought it to the attention of our assets protection team and HER apartment leader. From there they immediately took action and called the employee in together and asked her what she thought the policy was. Once they established she knew what the policy was and knew she was in the wrong they placed her on a final warning which means she has a whole year and if it happens again with that year period she will be terminated.


I believe that my managers were amazing role models in this situation because they followed the company procedures, took care of the issue right away and the employee understands what is at stake if she violates he policy again. No laws governed the decision they made other than the rules of the company as they are stated in the employee hand book. Each employee is also issued one of these handbooks at orientation when they begin working. I also had to deal with an ethical work dilemma recently involving a few different employees.

What happened was an employee was having a rough time catching on to a few new responsibilities that I gave her. The other employees in that same area noticed and complained to myself about her not catching on fast enough however, after talking tit myself they began chatting with other employees about how awful she was and that she was going to be getting trouble and that word got back to her and she felt very betrayed and not respected by her peers.

I sat down with her and reassured her that she was doing alright and I was going to spend more time with her to help fill in her gaps to make her performance better. I then sat down with the other employees who had complained and explained to them that she was very hurt by what they had said to other employees. I also explained to them that we do not treat people like this n our workplace and that if they have an issue with a peer they should discuss this problem with that peer and I only.

I asked them how they would feel if they heard through the grape vine that someone was complaining about them to everyone I also suggested that they apologize to the peer they offended to help mend the relationship. It has been about a month and a half and everything is back to normal and running smoothly. The employees involved in the incident are getting along very well. I also had follow up conversations with all employees about two weeks ago to cake sure everything was going well.

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