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In order to complete the controlled assessment I first did the research; which consisted of finding information for my three particular holiday choices which were beach, cruise and skiing holidays. I did an internet search, gathering images, relevant information and saving favourite websites on each topic. I also used non-electronic resources such as holiday leaflets and brochures. For example, I used the departure timetables and This was so that I had a variety of information from different sources. With this the information gave me the opportunity to insert tables and maps regarding the destinations the cruises took. Images were also included from these to add variety to my work.

After having completed the research, I was able to produce a leaflet in Microsoft publisher and a brochure in Microsoft PowerPoint, with the help from my research. Before completing the final version of my work, it was necessary to produce a draft of both documents. For the draft of my leaflet, I created a four page leaflet. Page one being a front cover, of which I used a varied background, many images overlapping each other to give effect and I used word art for the titles and borders. Page two, I used the information from the internet and brochures to produce a page of filled information. Also on pages three and four I used images from the internet and from brochures as well as relevant information. For my second document, I created a three page slide in Microsoft PowerPoint. This includes titles of varied fonts and colours. Important information in bold or underlined, images and a suitable background design.

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With all the documents completed, I used the email system to send my controlled assessment for a peer to comment on. After the email was sent back to me with the comments, I made agreements and disagreements on whether I thought the comments sent were valid. Next I commented on my own work including full detail on whether I thought there should be any alterations made or what I thought did not work very well with the presentations.

In the controlled assessment time I used the comments I had made and also the comments from a peer to alter the drafts I had produced. There were many useful comments that I thought were useful in order to gain a suitable mark, but there were also comments made from a peer that I disagreed on, and therefore I did not make any changes in that particular area of my work. With the useful comments, I changed the leaflet by changing background colours to ensure that text and images showed clearly, enlarged font size, styles and colour so that it was not difficult to read. Headers and footers were added such as the date of issue and page numbers. Images were made bigger and rotated to fit the purpose.

Also borders were created around the page and individual images to make them stand out. Overall, I think the changes I have made are fit or the purpose as the information is clearer and understandable, also the images persuade the reader to read more. I think that the use of research was very effective on my work as it was much more efficient to gather information and favourite websites from the internet before starting on the draft. The research played a very important role in completing this task objective especially if I needed to add more information or use and useful websites from the internet. The usefulness of the feedback was also very significant as more creative ideas were added to my work in order to gain extra marks.

For the PowerPoint presentation, I also used the suitable comments made to make my work even better. For example, font colours, size and styles were all altered to fit its purpose. Word art was also included in my work to give it and extra feature. Images were enlarged, rotated and also due to one of the comments made, borders were created around them to add a three dimensional effect. Headers and footers were added – issue date and page numbers. Transitions were created to make the presentation more attractive and suitable sound was inserted for each slide. I believe this is fit for its audience as it is very attractive in the sense of looking at holidays. The research was effective with this document as last minute images were able to be inserted without any time being wasted in looking for them on the internet. The feedback made was very useful as the comments enabled me to think of any other minor details I could have added.

To conclude, I would like to say that I have used the comments made sufficiently, and made full use of them. After the final version of completing my work I thought there were not many changes to make although adding any unsuitable alterations would have had an overall negative affect over the standard of my work.

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