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Marketing plan is the representation of the ideas in which the organization will put in place to ensure that it accomplishes its objectives and attain their goals within the set period of time. For this instance, the paper will look at the marketing plan of an organization that will be dealing with the decoration of the events places. These services will be offered to different events as requested by the client.

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The information given below is for the Elegant Design Company that has not been started yet but it is intended to take off come August this year. The company will be offering decoration services to the clients to different events in the country all round the seasons of the year. Other than that, it will be able to provide information or advice to the clients on how they can plan for their events and even give them the goods that they need incase they want to do the decoration services by themselves.

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The paper will look at the target market that the company will operate with in their services, the actual current market situation and the marketing objective. From this, we will be able to get it clearly that the company’s main objective is to provide appropriate and unique services to the clients in the market. 2. 0 Introduction Elegant Design Company is one of the companies that will be dealing with the event decorations and consultation services to the clients.

The services will be offered to the best level ever experienced by the clients in the country as they will have to give the dealer their preferences and later on discuss with him or her so that to come up with the best decision that will be satisfactory to both parties. Other than just offering the services, the company will also be entitled to sell to the clients some of the goods that they think they can do the decoration services by themselves.

With this, the goods will be wrapped in different color depending on the color of the product in it. This will give the customer an easy time to access the color that they need for their event decoration and thus enabling them to choose the correct color as per their expectations. Most of these services and products are intended to target the weddings that take place in the country, the young couple in time of their anniversaries and baby showers and the graduates who are preparing for their graduation ceremonies.

Other than that, it is also open to the any of the events that will need the decoration services such as the birthday and dinner parties around the country. While packaging the products such as the cakes for the parties and weddings, the company will keep them in a well decorated carton of which will draw the attention of the clients as well as protect the cake from breaking into pieces before the event takes place.

In order for the services offered by the Elegant Design Company to be distinguished from the rest of the company offering the same, the company will have an emblem that will be used to indicate the level of quality for the services. This will be illustrated in the way in which their decoration will be done in that their will be a portion in which they will use to illustrate their name thus giving the audience a better chance to identify their services in any of the events.

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