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Evergreen International Aviation, Inc operates completely through its subsidiary company. However, a review of the company’s website shows no specific written mission statement but reveals that the company’s major purpose is to provide quality air freight and aviation support services and this is achieved through its aviation related subsidiary companies. The mission of the agricultural related subsidiary companies is to provide quality agricultural products that have been grown in Oregon.

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Evergreen also believes in giving back to the community and does this through its humanitarian companies (Evergreen, n. d). The senior most executive of Evergreen International Aviation, Inc is the Chairman, who oversees all the operations of Evergreen International Aviation Inc. Second in hierarchy are the President and the Chief Executive Officer. The subsidiary companies are each headed by a president who is followed in hierarchy by an Executive Vice President. The Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents and Directors are present in the various departments within the subsidiary companies.

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The organization also has other executives such as the Chief Financial Officer, the Treasurer and the In-house Counsel. The operations of Evergreen International Aviation are governed by a board of directors to which all the executives report. It is not uncommon for Evergreen International Aviation executives to hold multiple positions within the company (EdgarOnline, 2009). Organizational culture Every business has its own beliefs, values, assumptions and behavior which constitute the personality of the organization.

At Evergreen International Aviation Inc, the organizational culture is deeply rooted in a high degree of professionalism. Evergreen encourages its employees to have a professional attitude and to dress professionally or in a business suit at all times. It also requires its employees to be able to communicate professionally to their co- workers as well as their customers (Jobcircle, 2008). The Evergreen working environment is best described as professional. Evergreen values its customers and endeavors to deliver quality services consistently.

Evergreen International aviation maintains a drug free work environment and as company policy, it is mandatory for all its potential employees to undergo a substance abuse test before taking up employment. As part of its corporate culture, Evergreen International Aviation is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer, meaning that it has established systems of identifying any potential problems in the participation of minority groups in its workforce and tries to promote their participation through affirmative action, thereby making it an equal opportunity employer.

Evergreen International Aviation also maintains corporate social responsibility through supporting local as well as international humanitarian and relief projects. To achieve this, it has a non- profit wing, Evergreen Humanitarian and relief services Inc, through which it supports humanitarian efforts (Evergreen, n. d).

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