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The Final Leadership Capstone Project starts with the introduction to nursing, its scientific principles, and other skills required for it, and what is Correctional Nursing. Duties of Correctional Nursing are explained by considering some facts and quotes. Then the necessary measures that must be considered before implementing any change within the organization are elaborated step-by-step. Standardized procedures along with the guidelines for registered nurses in the State of California are highlighted.

Executive Summary of my Final Leadership... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Emphasis is laid on achieving effective leadership, which is explained in ‘The Desired State’ section, where the characteristics and qualities of leaders are underlined. The whole procedure including eight key steps of change model are explained for leading out the organizational change; moreover, ten step-processes for positive change are also brought into consideration. Before bringing on the change in Nursing or other organizations, several steps including ‘planning’ is recommended; furthermore, the importance of organizational culture is being laid that should be considered before bringing on change.

Once the change is implemented, the evaluation of the results is necessary in order to identify the flaws that might be there due to the plans could not reach the stated targets. Then the factors on which the anchoring change in a culture depends are pointed out, followed by an extensive conclusion. Not only this, ten characteristics of Servant-leadership are explained in detail, followed by the support of some quotes of legends or leaders, and as well as the experiences of several leaders in different organizations. In short, the paper provides an extensive understanding over leadership by applying it to Nursing and other organizations.

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