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1. Political stableness: Though there are many challenges due to planetary downswing but political stableness is a large positive for India. Indian political construction is considered stable plenty expect the fact that there is a fright of aˆzhung parliamentaˆY ( no clear bulk ) . The new liberalization in the economic policies will surely assist companies to boom in the planetary market ( India PR Wire 2010 ) .

2. Harmonizing to new US revenue enhancement benefit strategies, revenue enhancement benefit will non be given to the companies who are outsourcing IT services from other developing states like India, China etc.


— -Government new policies sing free trade in international houses will ensue in more chances overseas.

3. Government owned companies and PSUs have decided to give more IT undertakings to Indian IT companies.

4.Threat from terrorist onslaughts or war.


1. Global IT disbursement ( demand )

2. Domestic IT Spending ( Demand ) : Doemestic market to turn by 20 % and range approx USD 20 billion in 2008-09 – NASSCOM

3. Currency Fluctuation

4. Real Estate Monetary values: Decline in existent estate monetary values has resulted cut downing the rental outgos.

5. Abrasion: Due to recession, the layoffs and job-cuts have resulted in low abrasion rate.

6. ECOMONIC ATTRACTIVENESS due to be advantage and other factors.

Spending on IT sector in hardware and package that decreased globally due to downswing is expected to resuscitate bit by bit. Harmonizing to Gartner, there will be growing in disbursement on information engineering worldwide by 5 per centum in 2010 ( Physorg.com 2010 )

The demand of IT in domestic market is besides expected to turn

Changeless depreciation and grasp in rupee value can hold inauspicious impacts on the importers and exporters particularly in the IT industry.

Due to recession in 2009, there has been decline in the monetary values of existent estate industry which has helped IT industry to retrieve their loss in the footings of decrease in rental outgo.

Low abrasion rate have been experienced due to occupation cut as an impact of recession.

Still labour is inexpensive in developing states than in developed states which will pull concern from these states due to be benefits.


Language spoken: English is widely spoken linguistic communication in India, English medium being the most recognized medium of instruction. Therefore, India boasts of big English speech production population.

2. Education: A figure of proficient institutes and universities over the state offer IT instruction.

3. Working age population

India has big portion of working age population.

Information technology classs have been made as important topic in schools, colleges and universities.

Along with national linguistic communications, English is the chief medium of communicating in instruction. This consequences in skilled on the job population.

Addition in literacy rate.



a. India has the worldaˆYs lowest call rates ( 1-2 US cents ) .

B. Expected to hold entire subscriber base of about 500 million by 2010.

c. ARPU for GSM is USD 6.6 per month.

d. India has the 2nd largest telephone web after China.

e. Teledensity – 19.86 %

f. Enterprise telephone services, 3G, Wi-max and VPN are poised to turn.

2. Internet Anchor: Due to IT revolution of aˆz90s, Indian metropoliss and India is good connected with submarine optical overseas telegrams.

3. New IT technologies: Technologies like SOA, Web 2.0, High-definition content, grid computer science, etc and invention in low cost engineerings is showing new challenges and chances for Indian IT industry.

The engineering growing in IT industry has provided ample chances for R & A ; D and invention in quality and inexpensive engineering.

The rise of cyberspace and engineerings like e-commerce and other e-applications will surely increase the consumer power in India.

There has been important growing in the telecommunication industry that has made planetary client range more accessible.

Adoption of engineerings like 3G, CDMA, Wi-Max has created a largest telephone web in India.

Name rates from India to US is comparably less.

Technology like video-conferencing, Virtual Private Network, Voice-over-IP ( VoIP ) is extensively being used in IT sector.


IT SEZ demand: IT companies can put up SEZ with minimal country of 10 hectares and bask a host of revenue enhancement benefits and financial benefits.

3. Contract / Chemical bond demands: Huge debates environing the bonds under which the employees are required to work, which is non lawfully required.

4. IT Act: Indian authorities is beef uping the IT act, 2000 to supply a sound legal environment for companies to run clairvoyances. related to security of informations in transmittal and storage, etc.

5. Companies runing in Software Technology Park ( STPI ) strategy will go on to acquire tax-benefit boulder clay 2010.


Energy Efficient procedures and equipments: Companies are concentrating on cut downing the C footmarks, energy use, H2O ingestion, etc.


Menace of Substitutes: 1. Other seaward locations such as Eastern Europe, the Philippines and China, are emerging and are presenting menace to Indian IT industry because of their cost-advantage. However, this should hold an impact merely in the medium to long term. 2. Monetary value quoted for undertakings is a major discriminator, the quality of merchandises being same.

Less cost and same quality of merchandise services offered by companies are acquiring higher cost advantage.

The outgrowth of IT skilled workers and besides proficient in English linguistic communication in states like China and Philippines are doing threat to IT/ITes industry of India.

Dickering Power of Customers: 1. Large figure of IT companies competing for IT undertakings – ensuing in high competition for undertakings. 2. Huge diminution in IT outgo: Indian IT sector is dependent on USA and BFSI in peculiar for bulk of its grosss, and with the recent fiscal crisis, the new disbursement from these has reduced enormously. 3. However, for the bing merchandises and services, the clients continue the old

There is addition in competition among sellers that has finally increased the competition for undertakings.

Due to economic and fiscal downswing in 2009, passing on IT has decreased.

Rivalry among houses

Competition among IT houses in India is extremely intense. The companies like Infosys, Dell, HP, Cognizant and many others offer commoditization of IT merchandises. These merchandises offer uniform monetary values that lure different clients ( wikinvest 2008 )

IT industry has revolutionised in last few old ages. Even in the economic downswing, the IT industry in India has managed to last and analysis have evaluated that still it has many chances for growing.

There is small distinction in the merchandises at cheaper rates. Therefore, the competition is high.

India ‘s growing depends upon variegation and invention and the rival companies of Wipro have adequate potency for R & A ; D and invention. Wipro will hold to be proactive in increasing the prominence of its value concatenation to stand out over its rival companies.

Dickering power of provider: There was less demand for IT professionals due to economic crisis. This fiscal injury has affected the planetary IT mentality.

There is copiousness of freshman ‘s and experient people seeking occupations. The prostration of Lehman Brothers, Satyam have adversely affected the economic system and made immense work force jobless.

Since, the economic system is seeking to get the better of the influence of recession and it is expected to alter the scenario in approaching old ages.

Barriers to Entry 1. Low capital demands. 2. Large value concatenation, infinite for little endeavors. 3. MNCs are raging up capacity and employee strength.

Menace of New Entrants:

The Government is back uping SMEs and emerging companies.

Capital Investment is low

Deductions due to value concatenation are less for little graduated table endeavors.

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