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The local service area is that region within which a particular company operates. It is also the entire area where it markets’ its services or products. They are the boundaries mainly set by the local authorities beyond which the business cannot carry out much of its activities. The local area services can be enlarged or reduced as per the requirements of a business. The service category for this study is plastic surgery and the local service area is Baltimore, Maryland.

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The name of the organization under study is The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland which is a well known organization that is licensed to carry out procedures like tummy tucks, face and eye lifts and breast augmentation. The service area competitor analysis will be done using, The Plastic Surgery Center of Maryland. The history of plastic surgery dated back in India where an individuals body parts were used to reconstruct earlobes and noses for persons who had been severely punished.

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Plastic surgery has come a long way and the advancements in technology have contributed to the evolvement of procedures thus making it easier and safer for surgeons to engage better reconstructive activities. As much as this practice was meant for good in the beginning, nowadays, some medical practitioners have commercialized this form of treatment due to its popularization via the internet and the celebrities who people lookup to, are engaging in plastic surgeries. Risks have emerged with this practice. These risks are societal, regulatory, economic or technological. o Societal issues

Plastic surgery has helped thousands of people by restoring their self worth not only physically but also emotionally. People with serious burns, accidents and those born deformed can now afford a smile. With all the good going on, there are a number of negative issues that the society has not fully embraced. “There is an intense concern with the surface of things and how people are being affected (Blum 164). ” For example, people especially young adults are imitating what celebrities are doing and as much as they would wish they were like them, some practices like plastic surgeries are misleading.

Some people have become addicted to such procedures and this is not good for their bodies. Sex change is another controversial issue since people cannot understand why some people want to change the way they were born. o The political / regulatory issues There has to be a system in place which defines the standard surgical procedures to be used. The people who are entitled to undergo such surgeries should seal an agreement with the organization that will carry out the procedure.

Moreover, the facilities that are used should be safe for everyone who is involved. Policies are in place which clearly say that patients who undergo such procedures are entitled to all the information that they need to know with regards to how the procedure will be carried out, how long it will take a person to recover and the modes of after treatments to use as well as the after effects that may come about. o Technological issues Technological issues that may arise are mainly in the usage of certain machinery and chemicals.

For example some forms of laser or radiation treatments may affect some individuals. In addition to that, some chemicals may not go well with other patients as they may be allergic to them. o Economic issues The practice of plastic surgery in the health sector has boosted its’ returns since many people are willing to pay large sums of money for this services. When financial institutions discover a new area they can invest in such as this, they rush to take advantage of the situation and may have contributed to the cropping up of practices that are sub standard.

This practice has led to the uneven distribution of these services since they are mostly concentrated in the urban areas where they know patients may be found and the remote areas will be left neglected and maybe there are people who genuinely need these services close to them. Competition has also increased as many doctors have started specializing in this are and the more private practices are being opened up. Cosmetic surgery is a booming business. About 9. 4 billion was spent on cosmetic procedures alone in 2006.

The business is exploding as everyone is jumping in; the patients, new organizations and even a number of financial institutions (Walden &Thoms 323). The increase in demand for such services necessitates the coming up of new plastic surgery clinics. Entry of new competition has made Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland to be even more committed to providing the best treatments using the latest innovations. It has some of the best practitioners in the field and its’ payment schemes are affordable and patients can be helped in doing what they want well.

The center also focuses on retaining its customers and so has its competitors. It is therefore working on better marketing strategies. The plastic Surgery Center of Maryland one of its competitors has better marketing strategies in that it has a well trained and dedicated sales and marketing team that is solely dedicated to looking for clients. The competitor has linked, with various financial institutions who offer their clients loans that are easily repayable and this has made their patients prefer this organization as opposed to other practices.

It also educates students in this field within its premises and this has made it easier for them to recruit professionals who know how the organization works. Moreover, it has two other branches in the city and its services are expanding. Some of their weaknesses are that, sometimes there have been complaints after surgeries that patients did not like what was done and they have not properly addressed the negative issues and complaints that arise in due time. Another thing is that it does not offer consultation extensive consultation services like Cosmetic Surgery Center of Maryland.

From the above issues we can say that the factors that are critical for success in any business but especially this one are: knowing how to market the services a company offers, ensuring that the company’s image is not tainted, having the best practitioners in the team, making the public aware of the benefits of such practices and in case of any surgical accidents, being accountable for ones actions and even offering good compensation packages. Above all, plastic surgery institutions should carry out their procedures in a professional way and everyone in such organizations should adhere to the health ethical standards.

The plastic Surgery Center of Maryland has dealt with the social factors by ensuring that those people who receive surgeries are well informed of what is to be expected when they decide that the surgery will be good for them. They have dealt with technological issues by using high-tech equipments that have been tried and tested to ensure their safety. Moreover, some staff members give talks in a number of universities and some public forums so that people realize that such a practice is not shifting from the original goal of all health institutions to make people better and not exploiting them by giving them false hopes.

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