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There is no doubt that the work of a builder is essentially technical, especially in deciding on how particular tasks should be tackled. As such, the Pyramid Square Construction Project has been tailored along a clear vision and understanding of what the project management is setting out to achieve.

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However, this is not as easy to implement as it is to plan, especially in this particular situation where project management enjoy a high level of autonomy. Much depends upon the capacity of internal organization as well as the vision and leadership qualities of the senior project management team. Therefore, the project management is striving to achieve quality work standards, respond to customer requirements with flexibility, and meet the set deadline – all within the cost constraints. Naturally, it follows that the effective and efficient management of the construction project relies on the clear understanding of the overall strategic objectives of the project.

Facility Administration and Facility Finance Management... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The successful completion of the construction project is subject to the alignment of required inputs desired outputs relative to the functions of the project management that include research and development (R&D), purchasing, technical development, personnel and finance. As Vidler (2001) noted that the nature of transformation process will always be related to the particular form and relative importance of the inputs. All the functional responsibilities of the project management of the construction project provide strategic link the entire organizational objectives.

The fundamental aspects of facility administration and facility management are considered to be the core of the management processes of the housing construction project. This paper explores key aspects of facility management which include planning, planning, organizing and directing as well as the key aspects of facility finance management that include buy-lease considerations, building efficiency, cost control, leasing considerations and record keeping.

Facility Administration

Facility administration forms a core component in the transformation process of the Pyramid Square Construction Project, with planning, controlling, organizing and directing forming the key pillars of the project’s management processes.

The element of organizing is governed by efficient personnel management and communication processes. The construction project observes a full-scale personnel management scheme that provides for day-to-day supervision and motivation of the project employees. The management of the project further recognizes the best performing employees through rewards that include bonuses and promotion. Individual workers report to a foreman who in turn reports to the facility manager.

The facility manager directs the daily activities of the construction project. The facility manager further holds the responsibility of staff recruitment and training in addition to the responsibility of developing and maintaining interpersonal relationship so as to diffuse any likely tensions among the staff. The Pyramid Square Construction Project has also contracted consultancy services with the objective of increasing efficiency and cutting down costs.

Information processing and sharing is based on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to automate the information sharing and data transformation processes.  The facility manager has placed emphasis on the automation of communication processes and channels. It is through such innovative communication channels that efficiency is continuously achieved in the internal administration and operations of the construction project.

The deployment of technological innovations in organizational communication for the construction project has facilitated efficiency and effectiveness, thereby enabling the redeployment of key resources to core activities of the project.

Planning and control are equally important elements of the Pyramid Square Construction Project. In this particular construction project, planning and control involve all those measures put in place to ensure that targeted results are achieved by availing high quality inputs at the right time and in the right amounts. Planning involves adequately anticipating and preparing for the future whereas controlling involves imposing checks and balances for achieving high quality standards.

Nokes & Kelly (2007) noted that planning and control ensure that inputs of the transformation process of a project are reconciled to the outputs of the project processes. The two authors further warned that “failure to observe the tenets of planning and control in project management may bring the transformation of the different phases of the project to a halt” (p 163).

The main planning and control techniques that have been employed for the Pyramid Square Construction Project are sequencing and scheduling. This is because the construction project involves the production of a pre-designed output using varied resources. Sequencing involves decisions as to the order at which tasks should be undertaken. Thus, different stages of construction phases can be prioritized according to amount of time and resources required.

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