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This marketing report will give detailed information on Fieldstone Day School’s marketing problem. This will be followed by the FDS marketing audit which describes the product, price, place, promotion and target market. Next we will examine the marketing objective of FDS and its competitive advantage relative to others schools. This will be followed by a discussion on FDS’ resources and experiences. Next will be an environmental analysis of the demands, trends and market size. Moreover this section will contain a survey examining the expectations of parents before enrolling their children to FDS.

This report will give recommend and discuss three alternative strategies that could be adopted to assist FDS to achieve their goals between 2008 and 2011. These strategies will focus on increasing the student population from 300 to 450 students through advertising in reputable newspapers, having a secure student recruiting agency in target countries such as South Korea, China and Vietnam as well as involving parents in the recruiting process. Next the report will discuss how FDS will be able to implement the recommended marketing strategy with the goal of increasing their student population from 300 to 450.


Parental involvement The main focus of our alternative strategy is to involve parents in the student enrolment process at Fieldstone Day School (FDS). Additionally we wish to build general awareness of the institution in the community and help enhance FDS’ fundraising activities. One of the major areas of concern at FDS is poor advertising and its role in the low level of awareness of the programs it offers within the target markets. Fieldstone should consider creating a Parents Association.

Costs to support the association would be minimal and thus not impact FDS’ budget significantly. The association would hold meetings once a month with FDS covering the cost for transportation for each member at between $5 and $10 for driving or taking a bus to get the school. This association will, first and foremost, advertise and recommend Fieldstone Day School within the social circle of the members and this will in turn lead to increased awareness. Moreover FDS will need to print 500 brochures to help parents publicize the school each month.

Furthermore establishing a Parents Association will give parents the feel that they have some influence in their children’s school life. Another proposed activity is for FDS to host wine and cheese nights where parents bring friends and family. This could assist FDS to attract potential customers. As more and more guest come to these wine and cheese nights awareness of the school will increase. At the wine and cheese nights FDS can have parents be guest speakers, speaking about the benefits of the school and selling educating their children at the school as an asset and a worthwhile investment.

The Fieldstone Parents Association will therefore have the responsibility to introduce FDS to other parents looking for schools for their children. Moreover, the funds raised by the Parents Association can be used to develop additional programs and activities to further enrich the educational experience offered by FDS to its student body. Overall this strategy will help FDS to meet its marketing objective of an increase in the total number of students enrolled from 300 to 450.

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