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The financial twelvemonth is normally closed on 31st March, but to present the full deployment of accounting and budget readying processs, Qatar ‘s financial twelvemonth FY ( 2011/12 ) has been extended to June 2012. In June 2011, the authorities gave its purpose that it was looking towards a average term and future seeing budget which would be in line with Qatar ‘s National Development Strategy.

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From the above graph it can be seen that authorities ‘s gross was more than its current and capital outgo, which went up from 13.2 billion to 19.6 billion in FY11/12. Higher gross was more than outgo on rewards & A ; wages and capital disbursement.

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The entire authorities outgo incurred is given in the undermentioned graphs of Fiscal outgo and capital outgo: –

Fiscal outgo growing ( % )


Capital outgo growing ( % )


By the terminal of March 2012, the entire authorities outgo grew by 11.3 % . This included the followers: –

Current outgo grew by 15.1 % of which the major cause was pay addition which grew by 34 % , involvement payment of authorities debts was 26 % . The staying 40 % included outgo on goods & A ; services, foreign grants etc.

Capital outgo increased by 2.8 % . The chief ground for this was investings in substructure like lodging, buildings, roads and telecommunication.

Government disbursement, gross and oil monetary value


The entire authorities grew by 14.5 % from the old financial twelvemonth.

LNG production generated a batch of income. It helped in increasing oil and gas gross by 18.1 % .

Tax gross increased in Fy2011/12, which increased income from other beginnings by 66.8 % .

Trade and Foreign Currency Militias

With 30.5 % of nominal GDP, Qatar has the most considerable trade excess. LNG exports increased by 9.8 % because of increased production. On the contrary imports besides increased by 15.9 % .

Current history


In the twelvemonth 2011, the current history excess increased by 2.41 billion.

Earlier trade excess income of 30.2 billion peers trade excess service of 34.5 billion.

The difference between the services and income histories is due to the immense escape of rewards and net incomes.

Investment income grosss are being estimated around QR 29.5 billion which has increased compared to last twelvemonth of QR 22.4 billion.

Qatar ‘s foreign currency militias for 2012 was QR 18.6 billion, which has decreased somewhat from QR 20.3 billion.

This ruin is because of QCB ‘s limitations on sedimentations to the commercial Bankss.

Effective Exchange Rate

Real EER Index


The Real effectual exchange rate is an of import step for a state as it measures the fight of the state with other merchandising spouses in the planetary economic system.

It is measured in footings of nominal effectual exchange rate and differential rising prices.

Above graph shows that, from 2009 REER is diminishing continuously. It has decreased by 4.0 % , 6.6 % , 4 % in 2009,10 and 11 severally.

Two chief grounds for depreciation of REER are ruin of rising prices and depreciation of US Dollar against Qatar ‘s trading spouses.

This in bend has increased the value of Qatari riyal.



The domestic trading platform for equities in Qatar is known as Qatar Exchange.

Qatar Exchange was founded in 1997 and is located in the capital metropolis of Doha. It is a benchmark Index of 20 stocks.

The market has presently 42 listed companies.

The market closed at 8407.7 on 30th October 2012

By October 2012, the trading platform has risen by 30 % twelvemonth on twelvemonth.

In 2011, service led merchandising value jumped by 41.8 % and it was followed by finance and banking sector by 39.9 % .Industry growing was low by 16.6 % .

Up to October 2012, market capitalisation was QR467.2 billion. In 2011 it was 457.4 billion.

To alter its position from an emerging market to open up market, it is supplying more chances to the local stock exchange.

It is besides be aftering to pull international institutional investor.

QE is be aftering to set up secondary markets for SME ‘s.

Inflation IN QATAR

Inflation rate refers to a general addition in monetary value measured against standard degree of buying power.

Inflation rate in Qatar for October 2012 was recorded at 2.7 % . On an norm from 2005 to 2012, rising prices rate is at 4.2 %

The ups and down in the rising prices rate over the last 4 old ages is demoing a complete rhythm of ‘sine moving ridge ‘ .

It reached an all clip high of 16.6 % in June 2008 and it was seen at a record depression of -10 % in December 2009.

Inflation rate is measured by Consumer monetary value index. It measures GDP deflator and consumer monetary values.

Data for rising prices in Qatar from 2008-2012 is given in the below tabular array: –












Qatar unemployment rate is the entire figure of people who are looking for occupation as a per centum of labour force.

Qatar unemployment rate reported by 0.6 per centum last twelvemonth.

It reached an all clip high of 3.9 % in 2001 and it was seen at a record depression of 0.30 % in December 2008.

This information shows that while other states are confronting high unemployment rate, Qatar is holding below 1 unemployment rate. Means economic system of Qatar is developing with high gait.

Data for unemployment rate in Qatar from 2007-2011 is as below: –


Unemployment rate











Graph of rising prices rate

Historical Data Chart

Graph of unemployment rate

Qatar Unemployment Rate


Katar has been ranked universe ‘s wealthiest state as per Forbes magazine with GDP per capita of $ 88000 in 2010.

Thankss to its monolithic natural gas militias and bounce in oil monetary values.

It has third largest militias in the universe and it has invested to a great extent in substructure to liquefy and export it.

To make full the caissons Qatar to a great extent relies on the natural resources militias.

In comparing with Qatar, Luxembourg is in 2nd topographic point of GDP per capita with $ 81000.

High per capita income indicates that people of Qatar have a high criterion of life.

It besides helps in supplying quality merchandises with high engineering.

Even though per capita income is the highest in the universe, distribution of wealth is non equal and due to this unequal distribution, many of the citizens of Qatar are really hapless.



Exports and Imports are extremely influential for GDP of any state and its criterion of life.

Export on the other manus is when you sell something to another state and so transport it.

Export of Qatar was reported to QR995 billion in June 2012 and in March 2012, it was QR1008 billion.

Taking the norm of last 8 old ages, the exports of Qatar is QR483 billion.

All clip high of exports is recorded on September 2011 with QR1104 billion and the lowest exports recorded on June 2004 with QR 144 billion.

54 % of entire exports is of Liquefied natural gas followed by petroleum crude oil ( 28 % ) .

Japan, south Korea, India, Singapore and UAE are the chief export spouses of Qatar.

Qatar Exports


Import is when you buy something from another state and acquire it shipped to the state.

Import of Qatar was reported QR319 billion in June 2012 and in March 2012 it was QR284 billion.

Taking the norm of last 8 old ages, the imports of Qatar is QR 164 billion.

All clip high of imports is recorded on June, 2012 with QR391 billion and the lowest imports recorded on September 2004 with QR 39 billion.

Main imports is of machinery, conveyance equipments, nutrient and chemicals.

United provinces, China, Japan, UAE and Germany are the chief import spouses of Qatar.

Katar Imports

As the above information shows that imports are increasing and exports are diminishing, state ‘s GDP growing has been slowed down.

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