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The taste of friendship is like a yummy cookie with its different colours and smells. It is difficult to describe how a friendship grows, for it often develops from seemingly contradictory roots: mutual needs, overlapping dependencies, and intense share of experience. But not only in that, there are various ingredients that will add to bake a complete, delicious and nutritious friendship. These ingredients and flavour stands for a different experiences, happy moments, worst times, and even in naught times. Milk stands for unsurpassed trust.

It is the white and nutritious liquid that contains a significant amount of strength and extreme love. It is the primary source of trust and it can help to reduce conflict in friendship. Chocolate stands for a wonderful taste of experience and endless sharing. If we say chocolate we use to think its sweet, yes it’s sweet because of its delicious experiences that we cannot forget the feelings and taste. Your rich experience in creating flavours for your memories is where your passion meets yourselves. But on the other part of the chocolate it has its own bitterness.


Sometimes we feel we are abandoned, we feel empty and lonely like cookies without sugar and egg. But despite of this bitterness there is always a butter that stands for unmatched understanding. There is always a friend that will understand and make an effort to be a great friend to you. Even though that butter will melt, it will always last its taste and aroma to comfort you. Mocha stands for undying loyalty. Sometimes it easy to feel like we don’t need a friend, but in reality it is harder to walk by our own. Being loyal to your friend is one of the gifts that we need to strengthen and maintain.

When we realize that the world is all come from a big lie, from beginning to end when you have a loyal friend by your side it will help you to find the great taste and complete ingredients and importance of friendship. Vanilla stands for deep and soulful secrets. Your secrets are confidential that no one can discover except both of you. Hidden mysteries are the factors that can help you to make your trust stronger. Cream stands for beautiful dreams. Your dreams are always a part of yourself. Seeing is deceiving and dreaming is believing.

Don’t give up on your dreams continue to configure the stars, stars that will lead you to success. Creating dreams with friends are the best moments because you share your own insights, goals in life, thoughts, and you wanted to be in the future. These ingredients mixed with personality and a sense of humour can make a friendship lasts a lifetime. You open your heart, taste every moment and believe in the every ingredients and gift of a friend. Friendship does not exist where taste, flavour and ingredients are not similar. Your flavour ingredients are only limited by your own taste and imagination.

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