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For my Industrial Revolution Essay, I decided to go with the following question, “ The Industrial Revolution has been described as a mixed blessing” do you agree or disagree? I strongly agree to this statement. It helped with economic troubles, industries, big businesses, and most importantly it was a widespread of jobs for the people. On the other hand, it has many problems that come with these good things.

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The industrial Revolution was a time when new inventions, products, and work methods spread like a wildfire. The prices decreased for many items.This meant a for a better economy. Before the Industrial Revolution many people lived on farms or in workshops. These people often owned just one set of clothes, if that. Making cloth was all made by hand which made making clothes expensive. But during the Industrial Revolution people started buying more and more goods. Which led to the businesses finding new ways to make products cheap and efficiently. This led to the agricultural industry. From new inventions and farming methods many people moved to the city for jobs. Shortly after led to the transformation of the textile Industry. The first invention was the flying shuttle invented by John Kay. The flying shuttle sped up the weaving process like there was no tomorrow. There was a chain of new inventions that sped up the process of manufacturing goods rapidly. This meant new machines, bigger machines, mass production, and a major need for a larger power source. Later the water frame was invented. Then the steam engine was invented. This invention was mostly used in vehicles and other forms of transportation.

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For every great thing such as the Industrial Revolution has to come with many problems. In this case, it was strongly true. Urbanization and Industrialization caused unsafe living and working conditions.

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