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            Being born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, I attended Odessa State University to study foreign languages. Having always wanting to live aboard, I worked hard to graduate with honors earning a degree in Romanic Languages and later a Masters degree in English & Literature. I also studied Finance & Banking for two years at the University as well. After graduation, I applied and worked for a series of employers and accomplished great professional progress in various positions. However, to accomplish my long-term goal, Fordham Business would be the right choice for me. I believe after attending your school, I will be able to accomplish my greatest financial goals.

            With my various jobs, I have experience a variety of job opportunities. First, as a office manager with PASCO, Inc. (Planning & Development Collaborative International) in Odessa with the USAID (The United States Agency for International Development Shelter Reform Program). It was there that I was responsible for a variety of tasks. Some of them included: Arranging meetings with office supply providers, preparing contracts, assisting program specialists, supervising support staff and coordinating travel arrangements for employees. My degree helped me succeed because I was also expected to translate foreign correspondences.


            Shortly after, I worked as a Public Relations Manager at Plaza Arcadia Club. My primary objective was to increase the club’s visibility with various target audiences involved. Marketing research, customer service, development of marketing material outling club services & programs were among some of my other responsibilities. Another important part of my job was developing programs with local organizations to target their memberships. My job also extended to all aspects of advertising campaigns including: posters, advertising booklets, radio & TV trailers, direct mail, and invitation cards. Contract negotiations, and special events organization also were important tasks for me to complete at Plaza.

            Next, I began work as an Assistant Hotel/Cruise Director on a Italian/French Cruise on the Mediterranean Sea Line. Preparing necessary documentation for port entry and clearance, daily posting and balancing of passengers’ expense ledgers, developing partners with tour companies to provide on shore tour packages and organizing custom passenger itineraries were among just some of my responsibilities on this aquatic adventure. I also worked with marketing groups to develop promotional materials to target the Russian & Ukrainian market.

This opportunity gave me great insight into other countries culture and history and gave me the opportunity to travel.

            Soon after, I won a green card and moved to New York trying to survive on my own in a foreign country. My first job was an entry-level position at a beauty school. However, I have worked hard as Financial Aid Director/Chief Administrator at ABI School of Barbering & Cosmetology for almost 6 years now. I am responsible for preparing all annual reports for Council on Occupational Education, enrollments, program completions and faculty, staff, and finances for National Center for Education Statistics. I am also responsible for the completion of bi-weekly attendance verification rosters for Human Resources Administrations. With all the business side, I help students with their financial aid issues while establishing requirements and taking care of oversight of accounts both receivable and payable. Other tasks include developing curriculums in multiple languages, hiring multilingual instructors and maintaining the student database and post graduate work history.

            Ultimately, my short-term goal is to enter Fordham Business, work towards a dual MBA in Accounting/ Finance. My long-term professional goal is to be recognized as an expert in Accounting/ Finance. I have recognized the need for a career change and have decided that in order to do as I desire, Fordham Business school is the place for me. I think that by studying at Fordham Business, it will help me further develop the skills I need in accounting and finance. I will be able to develop strategies and implement long-term financial plans necessary to event become a specialist.

            The BLS predicts that employment of financial-services sales agents in banks will increase as banks expand their product lines to compete directly with investment firms. Thus, I believe that working within  the securities and commodities industry will require workers to handle increasingly complex financial transactions and manage investments. Financial managers are being hired throughout the industry to manage assets and investments, handle mergers and acquisitions, raise capital and assess global financial transactions. Thus, I believe business school will better prepare me for these situations, so that I will be given the best opportunity to succeed within the business.

I believe my experience has provided me with excellent foundation, a running start at achieving my long-term goal. The Fordham Business will help me to broaden my knowledge through a unique two-year MBA program in Accounting/Finance. Your school a cooperative, team-oriented spirit providing team-building skills that will be invaluable to my future.  After graduating from Fordham Business, I will hope to work for a major company for several years before developing my own practice. This will be an excellent way to establish credibility.

I strongly believe that my best strategy for personal success in the future is to become an expert in accounting and finance. The Fordham Business will provide me with a solid foundation for a distinctive career in Finance. It is an essential step in my development as a financial specialist,  a step that I feel I am now ready to take. The talents I cultivate at Fordham Business will further provide me with the skills I need for tomorrow`s management and leadership position. Thank you for your consideration.

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