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The roles and functions of a General Manager/Chief Operating Officer encompass almost every aspect of managing an establishment, which, in the purpose of this paper, is a private club. It comes around from planning finances, to overseeing worker relations, to ensuring the workability of an exercise machine. He is directly responsible to the board members for any changes, be it positive or negative. Albeit, he must make sure that the private club is following federal laws and regulations, and that it is not in violation of any rights.

General Manager/Chief Operating Officer TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Financially, he is in charge of the books—the expenses, the profits—and the cash flow to the respective banking partner. As a Human Resource Manager, he must make sure that the employees have proper training and knowledge on their respective roles/positions. Likewise, the Gm/COO should also ensure that there is a good working performance and relationship among the other workers. If he sees that an employee seem unfit for the roles given to him, he can replace him immediately. Club equipments should be ensured of their full working performance.

There should be no rooms for malfunctioning machines especially when the guests are using them. Club Food and Beverage Operations The General Manager/Chief Operating Officer (GM/COO) manages and approves, after proper consideration from the board of directors, the budget to be utilized for the Club’s Food and Beverages Operation. From this budget, the involved departments take their expenses to buy the club members and their families and guests whatever is decided for the menu for that particular time and date.

The GM/COO also must keep a connection with government and/or private institutions that check for health, safety, and sanitary procedures; this may involve holding activities that will enhance the knowledge of the employees regarding these vital facts, campaigns for a clean and sanitized environment, or on-the-spot check-ups to ensure that everything is running according to their guidelines. For sanitation, the GM/COO must make sure that rules are laid out: wearing of gloves and hairnets when cooking, washing of hands before and after food preparation, and keeping dishes and other eating paraphernalia clean and usable.

The GM/COO also sees to it that laws and codes regarding the sale of liquor and other taxable vices are followed. He must be able to secure necessary permits and signatories for the operation of these products, as well as the board members’ approval for their acquisition. He must also be responsible for directing the purchase, receipt, storage, issue and control of everything—products, supplies and equipments—to ensure that none is being misplaced, lost or broken. An inventory of the tools and paraphernalia used must be done at the end of each day.

He must be able to hire a nutritionist, renowned chef, waiters, dishwashers, and the like, especially those with pleasing personalities. Golf Operation Before anything else the GM/COO should be self-motivated and can exude a level of confidence enough to sustain a conversation with the members of the private club. The GM/COO is tasked to manage the following: the golf course, the pro shop, and the clubhouse, of which there is a relationship formed between the club members and the employees. He makes sure that the financial and the managerial aspect of the golf course.

He manages the relationship of the people and the institutions that are involved in the direct management of the private club. He is also in charge of the food and beverage functions in golf events, seeing as club members should have access to these amenities. A set menu should be laid-out and it must be appropriate to the setting: for example, vitamin water and light snacks. He must also be able to formulate policies of operation and procedures, especially focusing on the work of the department managers, directing their every move.

Also, he should be able to organize golf events and activities that could cater not only to the golfers but also to their families and guests. He must sustain links with prospective clients: politicians, rich people; so he can further attract golfers and eventually, club members. He could hire a Golf Professional that could provide his services for trainings and one-on-one sessions. Golf Course Maintenance In this area, the GM/COO basically has to oversee the management and use of the golf course equipment and the field, per se.

Golf carts should be maintained and returned to its garage after the day is over. The engine should be checked regularly to avoid problems, when a guest is using it. This lessens the possibility of encountering angry club members and losing patrons. The field must also be maintained. The grass must be kept green, the sand dunes cleaned. The stray golf balls must be fished out of the pond and pulled out of branches. Apart from this, the GM/COO must be able to congregate every caddy and let them attend hospitality seminars.

Caddies should be trained in advance how to handle golf equipments and drive the golf carts. Club Fitness, Spa, Aquatics, and Tennis Operations It is not always all play for the members of the club. Usually they go to their private clubs to unwind and have fun. These departments in the private club provide those. The GM/COO should oversee the utilization and care of the equipment and the sanitation of tools used in these operations. For Fitness, the GM/COO should make sure that the exercise machines are in full condition.

Trainers and fitness enthusiasts should be hired. For Spa, it should be made clear that the tools used are sanitized, if not new. Therapists and masseuses should be accredited to avoid having accidents when doing Spas. With Aquatics, the pools must be cleaned regularly, and there should be a standby cleaner to pick out fallen leaves if the pool is near a garden. A capable lifeguard that has proper swimming and first aid (in case of drowning/accidents) background should be hired. Likewise, a tennis professional should be hired.

He and the lifeguard can provide trainings for the club members and guests, increasing chances of having a very satisfied client. Tennis racquets should be paired up, the balls collected after every game. In the littlest of attention, the GM/COO must make sure that there is an immediate access to beverages, namely sports drinks. Towels and robes should be placed where the club members can easily take them. Robes should be made available to those in the spas, as well as those who will have to use the swimming pools.

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