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General Motors is reportedly to be the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. It is regarded as the market leader in the automobile industry. General motors has a strength of being a known brand all over the world; the company has opened many branches in many countries therefore it has a large market share. Further the company manufactures various makes of cars and therefore has a competitive edge over its rivals in the market.

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The General Motors management team is further considered to be the best among the biggest corporations in the world thereby placing the company in a good position with regards to managing change as well their daily routine business managerial operations. General Motors team is presently more concerned with the ever increasing prices of oil in the market; it is for this reason that the company is now opting to manufacture electric cars in order to attract more customers to buy.


Recently the CEO for General Motors Mr Wagoner was quoted pointing out the significance of ethanol as a substitute product for the ever demanding oil supply in the market. It is for this reason that the company is attempting to make electric cars which are due in the market next year, according to the CEO. However, the company is faced with some threats; the main one being battery technology which is taking long to be realized thus slowing GM target for launching its new cars in 2010.

According to the CEO the demand for oil is increasing day by day thus necessitating other forms of energy in order to meet the demand of the consumers; for instance, the US Energy department estimates a seventy percent increase of the oil in the next two decades. General Motors management team views the invention of electric cars to be the only solution for such oil shortages. Indeed unconfirmed reports suggests that the company has entered in to a contract with one of the biggest producers of ethanol implying that the company is opting to diversify by manufacturing electric cars in the future.

The GM management team further points out that there are much aware that electric cars may not be perfect than the oil-powered ones but they claim that with such inventions they will have enough room to come up with new ways of generating electricity which will be even more helpful to the society at large. 2. 3 United Nations and Political Conflicts In essence United Nation agency plays a very significant role in ensuring that peace prevails all over the world. It is for this reason that the body is engaged in prevention of conflicts that may lead to unending wars between nations or groups.

The United Nations further deals with the issues of human rights, upholding the rule of law, enhancing democratic space as well as the dealing with the issue of poverty eradication among other issues. (United Nations, 2001) From the recent past it is evident that the United Nations no longer only responds to conflicts that have already taken place but they are also involved in various attempts to ensure that by all means any such political conflicts are prevented from exploding.

Therefore through the arm of Security Council the United Nations attempts to seek the root causes of such conflicts as well as coming with viable strategies that can contain or prevent such conflicts from escalating. In fact the United Nation does not only work with its member states but it has also adopted a policy of working with non member states through civil society groups which advocates for human rights, democratic space as well as the other United Nations values.

Due to lack of commitment by member states to contribute funds to the United Nations, the international body has been experiencing political conflict since the beginning of the last decade. Countries such as the United States have been able to push through their own agendas in terms of policies implementations in the UN with very minimal financial support. This has resulted in the overstretching of the Unions budget over the last few years. Poor relations between the US and EU has also impacted more force on the political conflict at the international body.

With increased cases of international crises and other conflicts such as the war in Israel, the political conflict is expected to pose a challenge. However, there have been stringent measures to ensure that this type of conflict is contained and sorted out in order to have the organization processes continue smoothly. (Kegley,2004) At this global level, the UN has made new international political-enhancing transparency strategies to strengthen conflict -management within international institutions.

This has been done through the development of codes of conduct to practice economic systems and provide guidelines to manage conflict. Institutions which have avoided debt problems are better prepared to tackle the conflict than those who are not. In fact, the UN through its development-oriented strategies has not been able to entirely deal with the political problems it experienced especially at the last decade. Economic efficiency, in turns and other financial liberalization has improved at the global body since the commitment of countries to settle their debts.

However, with soar US-UN and UN-EU relations, the organization is finding it difficult to address the issue adequately. UN being a global body not a state has no official definition of conflicts but defines such occurrences as emergencies to be addressed. The U. S laws, standards etc for example are used by the institution to reference its operations. How the U. S responses to individual conflict differs from what is usually done in any other countries mainly because of its strategic approach to issues.

The UN on the other hand is not a free actor but its ability to solve its internal conflict in additional to other rising global conflicts depends on the ability of the member states to contribute financially, emotionally, politically and physical commitment to the course of the entire conflict.. Conflict management is usually taken as a normal operational management issue which is usually on the extreme end of urgency. It also means that the organization should be able to use the already existing policies and structures within the organization to deal with the conflict.

Early identification of the signs of a conflict helps a lot to trigger any counter measures that will reduce the impacts of the conflict on the organization. A good framework for managing a political crisis within an organization is to involve other organizations that are affected and improve the already existing communication channels in order to enable all stakeholders to understand and accept is normal and usually happens to any company at any given time. (United Nations, 2001)

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