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There is a simple alternative for businesses who are stuck paying the extortionate rental costs demanded by London office spaces and that is to pick an office space in the commuter belt and test the waters in regions such as Hertfordshire, Reading and Berkshire.

Executive suites that can be rented in areas such as Leatherhead and Staines aren’t just an excellent option for those paying the rent but with workers who prefer working outside of the city and make the most of the great lifestyle on offer in the suburbs.

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So to find out more read this article, which was written with , as it will tell you all about the commuter regions and note a couple of reasons for choosing office space outside of the core business hub of the capital and check out what the suburbs can bring to a business.

Many office workers all across the city of London have one particular problem that makes their journey into work a highly stressful experience that gets their blood boiling – it could only be the London underground and bus system! Pressing up against your fellow commuters in a packed carriage isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time, but you’ll be happy to know that picking to work in an office outside London means you can avoid the congestion charge and drive to work.

Another draw for office employees who want to escape the city is that it makes sense to buy property there too and have a higher level of housing standards that you would not be able to afford if you lived in London. Many office workers like getting out into the country and enjoying the fresh air and peace and quiet of the suburbs while their London colleagues stare out over city blocks and pay top whack for the privilege!

Looking for offices that aren’t based in the centre of the city may worry a few business owners concerned with losing vital London contacts but with modern technology this needn’t be a problem and you can continue your business as usual. Moving to the suburbs means less money spent on rent so you can put those savings right back into your company and on developing your services and staff base – there is a whole world outside of London!

With excellent transport services such as trains from central London with trains from Charing Cross, Paddington and Waterloo so you can meet clients in the centre of the city for a meeting and be back out of the city quick smart. This is one of the best reasons for taking .

You can always fall back on the resources London has and you can recruit staff and attend the functions in the wide London business community but without signing on the dotted line for it. Leasing an office outside of London has plenty of its own perks that can help your company to progress through the ranks by offering you connections with businesses outside of the capital and putting you in touch with companies from all over the country.

So opting for an office just outside of London means that you can still enjoy all the perks of the city while not having to commit to expensive offices there – all it takes is an initial leap of faith!

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