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Italian University of Technology Italian School of Economics and Business Administration Global Economic Trends Individual Work: “Ireland” Professor: Richard Vaccine Student: Roseland Clausal Italian 2014 Content Introduction 1. General information about Ireland 2. Globalization in Ireland 2. 1 General globalization information 2. 2 Ireland Political Globalization 2. 3 Ireland Social globalization 2. 4 Ireland Economic Globalization Conclusion 2 When I was thinking about that I would like to write in individual work I checked a lot of information about different regions.

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But then Ireland attracted my attention. I found this country interesting because Ireland to mid-ass tried unsuccessfully to find ways to accelerate economic development. After Joining the European Union in 1973, the country was for a long time one of the weakest in the composition of the Union, with a higher rate of inflation in Western Europe. Period to 1987 is characterized by the inability to find enough ways for developing the country.

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After the reforms of 1987, when the government decided to reduce budget expenditures in order to find ways of macroeconomic stabilization. Further development of the economy of Ireland is characterized by success. And nowadays according to KOP Index of Globalization in 2014 Ireland is the most globalize country in the world with globalization index 92, 17. The country has acquired a number of strong competitive advantages, which provided her status as one of the world’s great centers of innovation.

Investments in technology and in training and attracting talent allowed Ireland to become in a short period of economic and technological outsider into a real “growth machine” – 5 years (from 1995-2000) Ireland’s GAP increased annually by 10%. Although growth rates fell after 2000, which is mainly due to external economic developments, this figure Global Economic Trends Ireland By Roseland-Clausal can observe a trend GAP growth. Financial crisis (2007-2008) greatly influenced economy of Ireland. Although economic growth returned from the start of 2010.

I built my individual work mainly at the KOP Index of Globalization structure (by saying it I mean that I include three main dimensions of globalization that KOP Index use to determine globalization processes: economic, social and political) But for more better and deeper analysis of aspects and effects of global trends of Ireland a lot of additional materials had been used. Basically I describe different dimensions of social, political and economic spheres but in general I’m concentrated my attention on economic aspect. Figure 1 Ireland [1] 3 General information about Ireland Table 1 General information about Ireland [3] D.

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