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This will bring a war and eventually among the states having the upper arms will win… Bringing down what we knew of the great power of the West… And allies According to Marshier, global hegemony is an unattainable goal; instead, a regional hegemony states objective is survival as rational power states. (Marshier 2001, 29-31 ;138-67) I disagree. The international global power states are facing today the economic, political, religion, culture, instability of changing regional power states hegemony within the Middle East and also influencing Europe,

Asia against the West and democratic states. (a) Nuclear superiority of a radical state Iran will provoke global hegemony (b) China economic wealth growth a threat to the US (c) Egypt and Jordan political instability of the Middle East effect of the uprising a threat to democratic ties with Israel (d) United Nations majority power states actors are against Israel (conflict with US) threat The United States is decreasing their title of been the strongest global power in today’s 21st century.

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As global states actors of the elite competitors in economics, ND political religion radical actor’s states plays a part in the majority of UN politics and world events growing interest against the West and Israel non democratic states. Free trade and free flow of oil from the Middle East have been consistently portrayed by U. S. Foreign policy elites as the equivalent of national security but for how long? Stephen M.

The U. S. Dollar trading of global currency will cease and each nation will use own currency on trading eliminating the U. S. Dollar value. International states agreements have made the U. S. Dollar less important in international trade by using own international currency among the trading states. The mainstream media in the United States has been strangely quiet about all of these agreements, but the truth is that they are setting the stage for a fundamental haft in the way that trade is conducted around the globe.

When the petrodollar dies, it is going to have an absolutely devastating impact on the U. S. Economy. Sadly, most Americans are totally clueless regarding what is about to happen to the dollar. (Rubin 2012) (http://adolescences. Com/dollar-5/china-Russia-and-the-end-of-the- petrodollar’) Conclusion, the United Nations of power states has already demonstrated the unity of foreign hegemony deterioration of the USA economy, by the rise of the oil trade cost and excluding the American dollar value among their states by utilizing win state currency while trading.

The cost of the Middle East war defense during this 21st century brought down the USA economy by putting us into a recession. While other foreign states during this time prosper. The UN states interest it’s not to benefit the USA or Israel but to reverse the power against the West and Israel to benefit themselves. The fear of survival in the Joining of the elite power states actors influencing the majority states is the form of offensive realism of power and control. As structural realism, one’s fear is a function of one’s uncertainty about others’ intentions and power.

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