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As a foreign student I have confronted many difficulties specially when writing English because it is not my first language. In addition, once classes started I felt uneasy in English 1301 to be taught by Professor Belz; however, once in class I noticed several points, for instance, the good, the better, and the ugly facts from taking a college level class for English. First of all, while I was taking the English 1301 class I noticed good quality points in the course. These include the way the schedule has been set up.

Another good angle is that our class meets only on Saturdays for three hours and that gave the professor extra time to finish the lecture. Even though the class was an eight weeks long period, I gained a great deal of knowledge from the materials I red throughout the class. In fact, the materials made me realize how good it is to read different types of stories because it does help the student to polish his or her language, and makes the students better writers. In addition, the free essays I wrote for the class were extremely instructive and the professor always gave good explanations to follow for the assignments.

The Good, the Better, and the... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The handouts she used in class were extremely clear. Also the links we followed for instructions were simple, so this made the course easy to follow. The course seemed to be hard at first, but the Mrs. Bellz made it easy to understand. One more good point is how the class was taught, which made it a better class. Professor Belz made the class extremely emotional and humoristic especially when the readings where explained. Moreover, this made the readings easier to understand and more attractive for the students.

Even though the class was early in the morning, professor Bellz kept the lecture alive at all times. In fact, I never lost interest or even stopped listening to the lecture because the way it was imparted. In addition, the class period was short and this made it better because I had the time to do all the assignments. Another great quality of the class was the submitting process for the online assignments because it was easy to follow the instructions. Lastly, the easy access to information online for the course made the class a pleasant one.

Finally, the presented some ugly aspects as well. For instance, the class was not a regular period; therefore, we had a lot of assignments every week. In fact, there were times I felt worried that I would not finish the assignments on time. The more overwhelmed I felt the more assignments I saw posted online, and this brought to think on dropping the class. However, I never dropped it because I started to work harder on my assignments. Another ugly was that the assignments we were not able to submit late homework because everything had its due date online.

In fact, the online site would not let you to submit one minute after the hour assigned. Starting English 1301 class was not an easy task because adapting to a new instructor is sometimes hard. However, the knowledge I have acquired from English 1301 class has been helping me in my other classes as well. In fact, all the good and better points have made me realized how great it is to read and write. Even though the ugly sides made the class harder, I learned a lot from this class and my reading, writing, analytical skills have improved greatly.

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