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Of operations and material management (MOM) which has revolutionized manufacturing by decreasing waste and improving quality Of products. This MOM System has become so popular it has been adopted and its methods benchmark by industries and companies outside Of manufacturing. Toyota, Eaten, and Acre are three diverse companies With their core competencies residing in car manufacturing, healthcare services, and computer distribution.

However all three companies have managed to successfully utilize TTS to govern their operations and processes. Toyota began using TTS which is specifically designated as the Toyota Production System. Toyota has as a result of this MOM been able to meet the demands of new markets and products without the excessive cost of retooling production lines. For example, as the popularity and demand tort new hybrids rise, the cost of production will decrease as supply chains are maximized.


This reality creates an opportunity that Toџa is already posed to take advantage. Utilizing TTS TOџtat’s processes allow for the rapid Increase of demand without overloading supply chains. This ability to meet demand is the result of using Take time. Take time creates an environment which the supply and demand (customer orders) are synchronized with supply chains and manufacturing. Interestingly enough. As the demand for hybrids increases the TTS increases in efficiency and cost effectiveness.

This results from the continuous improvement process through which workers are capable of detecting and solving problems. This process requires a stable production system which has constant volume and product mix (Focal and Smirch-El, 2009). When these factors are optimized the TTS system provides production smoothing which in turn allows workers the ability to concentrate on reducing waste and improving the reduction through quality assurance. Toast’s use of TTS provides a strategic advantage in growing markets because Of its ability to problem solve during production.

This production ability is perhaps the most important concept in the value chain as it allows for continuous improvement and consistent quality Of product. Following manufacturers like Toyota, healthcare companies such as Eaten have also adopted the TTS approach. Differing slightly from TTS, Six Sigma is the evolution of TTS in that It provides a goal and process used to achieve breakthrough levels of quality empowerment (OMENS, 2006). Barry, Murmur and Breaker (2002) scribe Six Sigma as, a management method that addresses error prevention, problem solving, problem detection, and managed change.

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