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This evaluation method determines overall value or level of magnitude a job is worth by combining the points assigned to each of the factors monitored (Carney, Paul. 2004). For example a person with points between 30-40 with fall under general schedule (GS) 5. This method serves the purpose of formatting and aligning grades and determining salary packages on the basis of job value. However according to my observation it does lack a few integral factors that should have been made a part of this process considering a marketing executive job designation.

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Previous job experience should have also been a vital part of job evaluation. Through experience an employee learns the most. It also helps building references that help in near future. The minimum time an employee will require to understand and perform the job should also be made a part of this chart. Finding and training a replacement can be very time consuming and costly in case an employee leaves. Conclusion

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All evaluation methods are important before writing down a job description. It helps in deciding the level at which an employee will be hired. More multifaceted job will require someone who is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. Horizons are created on the ground of points allocated through this method and salary and perks are determined on how much importance that job holds in the organization. This method can be stretched a little more to fix all sorts of job description.

References Carney, Paul. 2004, September 29. Converting from Nine Factors to Four in the Occupational Work Leveling System of the National Compensation Survey. Accessed on March 18, 2009 http://www. bls. gov/opub/cwc/cm20040924yb01p1. htm Classifier. 1991. Classifiers’ Handbook. Published by United States Government Printing Office. Pages 61. Managers-net. Job Evaluation. Accessed on March 18, 2009 http://www. managers-net. com/job_evaluation. html

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