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‘Le Corbusier ‘s thoughts on standardisation and rationalism in the domestic domain were clearly informed by thoughts about the order of the nature- his enthusiasm for the places of emmets and honey bees and his continued mentions to the biological science of the metropolis ‘ . ( Flora Samuel 2007, p. 15 ) His motivations in linked the nature with mass production is to supply inexpensive high-quality places, less easy to hold on to link people together through their shared usage of standard elements and to do life simpler. In period of mass production houses, he most focal points on the spirit of ‘constructing ‘ , ‘living in ‘ , and ‘conceiving ‘ mass production house. As in the economic manner, it was lead to extremely religious affair about making commonalty between people and things. Hence clearly standardisation would play a cardinal function in such a procedure. For the mass-production houses will enforce integrity in the assorted elements, Windowss, doors, methods of building, stuffs. Factories are the topographic point where to bring forth aeroplanes, lorries, and waggons. It besides the best topographic point for produces high- quality criterion building constituent of houses. Element would be constructed in metal-fabricators workshops and conveyance by trucks straight to the site, where it could be assembled in a affair of yearss. The standardised elements such as sheet metal ceiling unit, metal beams, cladding units, metal stanchions, Windowss, doors, kitchens, and healthful adjustments all were the mill production.

Mass production merchandise

The mass-production merchandise such as doors, Windowss, and closets which the large industry can provide merely based on a common unit of measuring. All these can be adapted to one another precisely. The architectural integrity is farther addition of the greatest importance and by unit of measuring or agencies of the faculty and good proportion is assured automatically. ( 219, Le Corbusier, 1915 ) The solidly built houses will be a tool and it no longer sets out to withstand clip and decay which is an expensive luxury by which wealth can be shown. Houses will no longer be ancient entity or rooted in the dirt by deep foundations, but it was build house and strong. The mass production houses was the manner of devotedness on which the cult of the race or household. The mass production houses besides known as ‘house tool ‘ which is available for everyone, it is uncomparably healthier design than the old sort yet it beautiful in the same sense that the working tools.

Great Epoch With Mass Production Spirit... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Five points of architecture

Citrohan is one of the houses being built for the 2nd International Exposition of the Deutscher Werkbund at Stuttgart which was a mass-production type in 1920. In the design the side walls which it had two load-bearing while the other terminal walls which being largely glazed. An luxuriant roof garden was design on a level roof. Inside the life room of the little penthouse superstructure, it has a invitee room which where most clip would be spend here. It took up half the country and the whole tallness. In the house there were incorporating the other suites in the land floor and first floor which is being divided by the gallery. In the inside, there was a coiling step which connected the living country degree to the kiping countries. With this it formed a sculptural counterpoint to function rectilineal geometry of the hollow regular hexahedron. The creative activity of meshing infinites of different but related highs was one of major spacial thoughts of Corbusier and it was applied in the Citrohan house in the first development. In all of Le Corbusier ‘s work the thought of two-to-one infinite has been often used for subject of all time since Citrohan.

For the other house, an unfastened program day-time living country was converted into little enclosed kiping partitioned subdivision at dark with originative agreement design of the movable dividers. In this design was incorporating Le Corbusier ‘s five points ‘ which were exhibit at the clip of the Exposition. First was the utilizing of same stuff of strengthened concrete for pilotis and floor which raised the house above the land. It formed a stiff supporting skeleton, so it allowed the garden to go on under and trough the edifice. Second, the roof gardens are used for privateness and besides to guarantee the humidness degree in the concrete construction. Hence it allowing the land captured by the edifice to be freed suspended and hanging in the sky. Third, the unfastened program, due to the really few structural system spaced column which mean do non necessitate the support of closely spaced interior wall. As a consequence it was allowing free and unfastened inside planning in the organisation of divider and other infinite divisions. Fourth, the horizontal agreement of thread glazing instead than perpendicular window is to supply a more even distribution of visible radiation through the inside of the edifice with widening from one structural column all the manner over to the following 1. Harmonizing to Corbusier this create pockets of somberness next to rectangles of glowering visible radiation which unlike the old manner window a hole punched into a structural wall. Finally the free frontage of exterior walls ; for satisfy the functional or aesthetic manner it could be opened and closed at will which it released from their burden bearing map. These all thoughts of architecture were likened to the machine architecture which it is practical machines for life in. This new machine aesthetic led Corbusier to a rationalisation of the consequence of the machine upon the production of architecture. Corbusier discussed the jobs and chances with supreme discernability of mass production in edifice, acknowledging that such mass production would intend attachment to certain dimensional criterions.

Figure 1. Le Corbusier illustrated his “ five points ” by braces of studies ( above ) where the traditional theoretical account was shown on the right and the new manner on the left. ( online )

The Modulor

“ Architecture is a brilliant, Orthodox and original saber saw mystifier of multitudes combined in visible radiation. Our eyes were created to see the signifiers in visible radiation ; light and shadow reveal the signifiers. Cubes, cones, balls, cylinders and pyramids are primary forms that light so magnificently reveals ; the image they give to us is clear and limpid without indecisiveness. That is why they are beautiful signifiers. ” ( Vers une architecture 1923 ) Corbusier look back to the traditional Renaissance regulations of step and a proportional in order to acquire some usher for the modern unit system. He started to analyse the celebrated relative system of old which is ‘Golden Section ‘ . To avoid the system which lead to monotony based upon a 1 plus 1 plus 1 beat ( ad infinitum ) , Corbusier felt that a system of proportion was the reply to the mass production of edifice parts but non of indistinguishable units. To function the demands of mass production today, Corbusier took some clip to develop a more refined system which is the Modular. With the Modular system with its proportionate graduated table, architecture edifice in twentieth century no longer isolated due to the possible an infinite figure of fluctuations within a unit system of building.

The Aluminaire ( instance survey )

The Aluminaire ( 1931 ) was chosen for the instance survey. It was designed by designers A. Lawrence Kocher and Albert Frey for the exhibition of Architectural League 1931 in New York. It was one of the earliest illustrations of modern architecture by a adherent of Le Corbusier.

The Aluminaire house was constructed with light steel and aluminium which is the first in America. Aesthetically, it is a pure forms which devoid of common mention and metaphor, with independently design of a site. Although it was assembly of criterion machined stuffs but it does non itself evoke the metaphor of machine, about like the Citrohan undertaking 1921 by Le Corbusier. The house was designed for low-cost, mass green goodss lodging and, if it was produced in measures of 10 thousand or more would hold cost merely 32 hundred dollars. In the article of “ Real Estate Subdivisions For Low-Cost Housing ” , Kocher and Frey farther explored their ideals of improved land usage and industrial production with two strategies which is usage of minimally sized tonss for individual household low-cost edifice and bettering the layout of the edifice. The strategies employed a paradigm identical to the Aluminaire and disposed likewise to the Le Corbusier ‘s Pessac lodging of 1925.

Figure 2. The Aluminaire. Frey and Kocher. ( online )

The Aluminaire represented the advanced architectural look and advanced edifice engineering and it exemplified of Le Corbusier ‘s the ‘Five Points toward a New Architecture ‘ in a typically Le Corbusian manner.

At the land degree at that place an unfastened air porch which are a thrust through garage, an entry, a food elevator, and public-service corporations. The floor above was encompasses the whole country of the volume. The sleeping room with beds was suspended from the ceiling at here by separated from an exercising room and bathroom with a folding screen. The life room is pulled off the land plane 17 pes high with slender pilotis and to go dual height piano nobile. The two narrative infinite, separated from the dining room by a built in glass and metal framed closet that houses an extendible dining room tabular array. The tabular array ‘s gum elastic top retracts around a cylinder, slightly like a window shadiness. The top floor contains a library, the bathroom with the cantilevered shower stall, and a roof patio floored in resilient asphalt tile with a parapet sheathed on the interior in asbestos cement board.

Ribbon windows wrap the edifice, giving it a light and aired quality. It was designed for rapid assembly and disassembly with the impression that it could be relocated at the caprice of the proprietor. Outdoor terrace were provided, and the program was left comparatively “ free ” .

The six five-inch aluminium pipe aluminium columns supported the frame construction which is minimally insulated with asbestos sheathing with column left exposed. The three inches thick exterior walls are non burden bearing and it dwelling of a steel frame, insularity board and wood nailers. The narrow ribbed aluminium is backed with insularity board covered with constructing paper on the exterior wall. This assembly is fastened with aluminium washer and prison guards.

As interesting and good conceived as the Aluminaire appears, it had no influence on the development of single-family place building. At best, the aesthetic character was imitated in the signifier of steel-cage office edifices clad in pre-fabricated metal sheets and aluminium window frames.

Figure 3. The Aluminaire. Frey and Kocher. Image shows the house with suspended beds, automated garage door, gum elastic chairs, distant wireless control, a dense server, turn uping walls, and neon visible radiations [ Gregory L. Demchak, May 18, 2000, ( online ) ]

As a three-story block with, thread Windowss, a roof garden, and freely composed frontages, the Aluminaire House had much in common with a edifice Le Corbusier ‘s degage single-family house ( 1927 )

If the Aluminaire lacked the spacial complexness typical of a Corbusian program libre, it however featured a combination life and dining country that stretched the full breadth of the house, with a double-height ceiling above the life infinite. This gave the house a feeling of openness despite its little size, a perceptual experience augmented by turn uping screens and semitransparent dividers that transformed single suites into flexible, multiuse infinites.

Using lightweight skeletal building as edifice stuffs


Last but non least, Le Corbusier ‘s theories had a strong societal concern about “ The machine that we live in is an old manager full of TB. There is no existent nexus between our day-to-day activities at the mill, the office or the bank, which are healthy and utile and productive, and our activities in the bosom of the household which are handicapped at every bend. ” Therefore architecture is an instrument of reconstituting the whole society, the rational option to revolution. The restrictions and possibilities of the chief edifice stuffs, ferroconcrete and steel, imposed homogeneousness in edifice design, possibly more than the material itself required. Plain white surfaces, an indispensable portion of Le Corburies ‘s aesthetics, had besides deeper symbolic significances. His ultimate purpose was to make the spirit of constructing and life in mass-production houses. Architecture was the mold of modern spirit and modern adult male of the machine-age civilisation.

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