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The success of the members to pass the information they have to the rest of the members of the group is determined by the level of expression the sender would adopt. Depending on the information given, communication may either be passed on to the other members of the group or not. Communication related creates a mental image within the listener so that full comprehension of the desired results is facilitated. This therefore means that if the message transmitted by the sender is not clear, the listeners would translate it wrongly and therefore fail to act in the desired way.

The group members must therefore learn to communicate well to improve their chances of being understood by the others. The areas that the group members would wish to speak about may include; equal participation in answering the questions while playing the Brainaic game; discrimination of the larger group of members led by Hannah by the group are led by Mike; among others. Care must also be taken to ensure that the content of the message is maintained within the context it is meant to be.


The content of the message is held to be the point at which any response will be based. This means that it has to be precise and accurate to ensure that it elicits the response it is intended to. For Hannah and Mike to ensure that the members of their group relate the information they have accurately, especially in the crucial moment of giving the correct answers during the Brainaic game, they would need to encourage them to look for the information from all the various trusted sources like from topic related books of articles or from internet sources.

During the negotiation of consideration for the interests of the group, the members would also require to enrich the content of their message so that they can stand a better chance of being understood by the other members of the group (Silvester et al. 2005 p287-289) The receivers are those people the message is intended to reach. These should be put into consideration in order for the sender to elicit the desired response possible. This means that the sender has to be audible enough for the receiver to hear.

At the same time, the message must be sensible and comprehensible for the receiver to understand it- as this is the only way through which the intended response can be achieved. In the case of Mike and Hannah, their most important recipients are the judges of the Brainaic game who would wish to get the correct answers from the group for them to take the first position in the game. At the same time, the group members themselves are audience/receivers to each other of the messages they pass to each other as they discuss the matters that are affecting the group.

The matters of the group are of utmost important since they have to work as a united group for them to take the best position in the competition. The physical reception means that the information intended has actually been passed on the recipients and it has been absorbed within their brains. For the information to be absorbed in to the minds of the recipients physical impairment must be absent and the concentration of the mind must be upon the sender of the information.

This therefore means that the two principles- Hannah and Mike must at all times ensure that members of the group have their concentration on matters being considered. This would go hand in hand with the attentiveness expected of the members of the group so that the correct information is passed on to the recipients at the very time when they are more likely to be attentive to the information given out. The effect of the message is ultimately the desired action that the sending of the information was meant to elicit. The effect is the response for which the message given off by the sender was intended to elicit from the recipients.

The many discussions that the members of the group must hold for appraising their own group are weighed for understanding through the kind of reaction or response they evoke in the other members of the group. The same thing happens when the group members are answering the questions in the Brainaic game. The answers given are received by the recipients in differing ways- the same thing should also apply when the members are discussing amongst themselves. Most importantly, this is what the leader should watch out for when he is relating information to the members in order to gauge their understanding.

Some of the members will have their eyes fixed on the leader- in this case the sender- to indicate blankness, in that they might be experiencing a problem with understanding; others may nod their heads to indicate understanding while others may decide to react by voicing their own concern over the matter said. For performance, the group would then wish to adopt a system that can allow for the best instances of understanding in terms of the best possible channel to use in relating the information amongst themselves as well as between themselves and the organizers of the Brainaic game among other groups of people (Mabey 1998 p316).

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