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Growth is the main objective of every growing company and managers have to monitor the growth with the assistance of employees who have to be trained to deliver quality work and in this regard culture of an organization plays a vital role. For instance, if all the employees are working overtime, which indicates that all the employees are dedicated and motivated to the organization and work.

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A good interaction between employees, carrying the priority tasks instructed by respective senior managers, taking the responsibility to solve a problem in a professional manner in the absence of managers are some of the good examples that indicate about culture of an organization. There are three behavioral sciences viz. , psychology which is about the study of human behavior, sociology which is about social behavior within groups, institutions and societies and anthropology which is about the cultural development and behavior of humans.

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All the three studies of human behavior have close relevance to organizational behavior as human minds are complex which carry several positive, negative attitudes and emotions, feelings which reflect on others which is why organizational culture moulds employees to carry duties and responsibilities in a manner that is optimized for an organization. Individual behavior and group behavior are equally important to maintain the culture of an organization.

There are many segments in society viz. , political, legal, business, governmental and religious wherein each segment leaves an impact on organizational businesses and its cultures which is why it is important to assess and evaluate each employee for protecting the interests of organizations as well for enabling employees to submit grievances, if any.

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