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Vintagesynth. com welcomes us with a brief note that offers basic information about the site – what it is all about, some historical bits, developments in the site since it was established, and some hints on what to expect. Under the “Welcome” box is the headline “VSE Announcements”. Specified in this box are important updates on synthesizer editions, latest additions to the list of the quality synthesizer brands, and advisory on upcoming equipments, events, and visitors’ requests. Further down is a list of the site’s recognitions and testimonials from noted music magazines, which adds credibility to the site.


Other sites also reserve a space for testimonials because this is considerably a good marketing technique. On the right pane are VSE’s online store, donation box, and a few related advertisements. From the main page, we are led to its informative and useful sections namely “Synth Forums,” “Synth Classifieds,” “Synth Finder,” “Timeline,” “Archives,” “Links,” “Contact Us,” and “VSE Store. ” Whether a visitor or a member would like to find a specific item, contact the moderator/owner of the site, have an insight on brand manufacturing, or expand his search, he can simply click on any of these links.

Also on the left pane of the main page, potential market or collectors can be directed to the intended provider through clicking the Synth Manufacturers listed in alphabetical order. This section contains vintage equipments and gears. Buzzclick Music (http://www. buzzclick-music. com/buzzindex. html) Buzzclick Music, with all its simplicity, provides only three links to the significant sections as classified by the owner, whose name appears on the left half of the page. The one illustration that represents the subject is the only piece that hopes to enliven its overall appearance.

The three important links are “Son of Frankensynth,” “Music Samples,” and “Picture/Bio. ” The information that the visitors need can be found through these links, which pages are more vivid, text- and picture-wise. Cyndustries and Modular Synths (http://cyndustries. com/) Cyndustries. com has quite a creative greeting page, which would definitely attract visitors to further browse. While the construction of the main page is a bit ordinary, the navigation method makes it pretty radical and offbeat.

What is not is when you start clicking on the buttons on the mock synthesizer navigation box and finding the same contents as in the link above named PROGRAMMER. However, the links named “Modules”, “Cases”, “Cables”, and “Goodies” supply visitors with the appropriate information. From this window, more interesting pages are presented. The simplicity of this site can be compared to that of Buzzclick Music’s. Doepfer (http://www. doepfer. de/home. htm) Visitors can browse this page in either English or Deutsch by clicking the appropriate button. After clicking on the language preferred, the main page will appear.

On the left pane are links to “New Products”, “Dealers,” “Prices,” “Orders,” “Email”, “Specials,” “Manuals,” Gallery,” “Sounds,” “Movies,” “Downloads,” “FAQ,” “Reports,” “Terms,” “About Us,” “Press”, and a quick language link should the visitor wasn’t to switch to Deutch. The site is very well presented. Pictures substantially go with the texts making the site informative starting from the “News” heading down to the “For Sale”, which gives guests a good time browsing. Moog/Theremins (http://www. moogmusic. com/) Moogmusic. com’s main page is neatly designed, but even so it did not lose its quality as a music-related site.

Opening the page, visitors will be welcomed by a colorful poster announcing the latest event in which Moog will participate. This is a better way of promoting it rather than hiding it through a link, which some site mistakenly do. Found on the left pane of the Main Page are links to “New Products,” which varies from music instruments to apparels; Latest news and events on Moog, Photos and a few advertisements. High resolution photos of Moog products, such as synthesizers, pedals, and other effects gives the visitors an idea of the quality of the available equipments.

Synthesizers. com (http://www. synthesizers. com/) This site offers a wide selection of pages that visitors can be directed to. A wide election of links welcomes visitors. There are links that would lead the guests from the major to the minor sections. The testimonials and the introductory photo add some character to the site. Browsing down are sets of links through which members and guests can participate. The link to News is placed at the bottom along with Artist Spotlight, “Cool Link”, “Sound of the Day,” and search bar.

The navigation bar is on the left pane. Below it is a separate navigation box for Modules. The sites discussed have their weaknesses and strengths. When compared with each other concerning the contents, all are outstanding sources of information no matter the design and construction. Neither are they confusing. There are Internet frequenters who can sometimes disregard animation, given that they are after the contents, but since most of the visitors are often music artists, who have better appreciation, these sites would not rate good in terms of designs.

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