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The rising incarceration rate on labor market in connections to young black men has been cited to result from the growth of penal population on over the 20th century among the minority black men. This trend has however been common among the young minority black men who happen to have little schooling. Te current situation is so pervasive among some social groups. This social group has a common experience share a common background of perpetual hardship when incarcerated.

High School And Labor Market Dropouts TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

It has been evidenced in the current and recent birth cohorts of black and white men of different schooling level and the statistics that show that young black men who dropped out of school at high school level or the ones with little education were pervasively engaged within criminal justice by 1990s. The American economic inequality has adversely been affected by this mass imprisonment or incarceration of young black men. This due to the fact that institutionalized individuals are not counted when the national economic statistics is measured.

That is, the entire labor force surveys are done at household levels and prisoners are never counted. This eventually overstates the employment rate and does not give a clear economic status of these young black men with little education. It is also noted that incarceration reduces the life expectancy and productivity of these individuals. This is as a result of its stigma that comes with criminal conviction and being taken away for a long time from the legitimate employer.

Other than that, it reduces the opportunities for the individuals since they only have specific areas where they are employable i. e. former prisoners are pushed to secondary labor market where there are very limited mobility and prospects. Reference Bruce, W. (2007). Mass Imprisonment and economic inequality, Social Research. Retrieved on May 4, 2009, from findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m2267/is_2_74/ai_n27366144/ – 39k-

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