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One of the main reasons for Hitter’s economic policies was preparing for the war. We can tell this because he didn’t want people out of Jobs because that meant they weren’t working and manufacturing the materials he needed to go to war. This is why is set up the RADAR, the National Labor Service because it meant that people were forced to go to work from 1935 onwards which sped up the manufacturing of materials like iron and steel. He also increased the amount of food being produced as well to avoid a Naval Blockade which has happened to Germany in the First World War which meant they had very limited resources of food.

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As soon as Hitler introduced conscription the number of people in the army increased which meant more uniforms were required so the production of this was increased as well. Rearmament was great for Germany’s economy because Unemployment went down, as production and profits went up. Another reason however for Hitter’s economic policies was to try and protect the economy of getting worse by getting rid of trade unions because he believed that they could disrupt the economy.

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So in place of them Hitler set up the DEAF, The German Labor Front. This was set up to ensure that workers served the best interests for the Nazi regime. But to insure the economy irked the DEAF also controlled the power of employers by limiting the amount of pay they gave out and by making them work longer hours which totaled to an extra 6 hours a week with the same amount of pay in the, factories, mines mention plants and shipyards which again links in with preparing for the war.

The DEAF did have some advantages though because it established what the minimum working standards should be which meant that the factories and other work places which produced materials worked to their full potential protecting Germany’s economy from collapsing. One other reason to Hitter’s economic policies was to try and limit opposition especially the Communists. He did this by making the RADAR for the unemployed which meant they could work the reason for this was that unemployed workers were potential supporters of the Communists.

Setting up the RADAR meant unemployed got Jobs and started to earn money and may also start to like the Nazis. To support this as well Hitler fired a lot of Jews from their Jobs so that he could replace them with the unemployed which worked well for them. Later on in the sass’s though Hitler started to introduce forced Labor making German people work again this was mainly for the war effort.

Overall Hitler introduced these new polices o mainly supply for the war but also for other factors like protecting his party from the communists threat by helping the unemployed but when he became powerful enough forcing people to do work for no pay Just so he had enough materials for the war but this failed because in 1939 Germany was importing one third of its raw materials from other countries which tells us that not all of his polices worked to their full potential but did protect them from a Naval blockade even though they had to ration some foods because he mainly concentrated on materials for weapons and uniforms more than food.

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