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This assignment Is based on leadership style used within a whole sale retail business such as Tests Pl. The essay will analyses its pros and cons of the management using these approaches and the management’s difficulties and success in their approach. The essay firstly will begin by a brief history on Tests then define the term leadership within an organization. Secondly, the essay focus on differently styles of leadership and theories which other management have used in the past and how these approaches are believed to be the best approaches according to the theorist.

Lastly, his essay will link the styles and theories that are best matched with the approach used by Tests Pl also a recommendation if they could change or adopt any new approaches which may be more beneficial to the organization. Tests are considered to be one of the leading retailers in the united Kingdom and also one of the biggest food retailers in the world (Tests Pl. 2013). Similar to other food retails organization such as USDA and Ginsburg; Tests has been diversified by selling non food products, such as electrical, Insurance schemes and also clothes In their establishment (Tests, 2013).

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The organizations initial size demonstrates that the types of management and leadership styles and the way these are handled are high priority for the success of this organization. Comparable to other retail organizations, the management and leadership styles adapted within Tests are likely to have constantly been adapted in correlation with the advancement of the company over the years.

Even though the current management style has Incontrovertibly been successful here In the United Kingdom, It Is highly likely that they would not be able to use this same management style In retain countries overseas, namely Japan and China. The primary reason for this is due to the different cultures and values which have been adopted by these respective countries and this Is something that will be taken Into account.

The management and leadership styles analyses below, are approaches which are likely to be implemented by Tests. Leadership has been conceived as a matter of personality as particular behavior as matter of contingency. As a power relation, as the focus of group processes and combinations of these variables. According to Britton (2007) leadership has been tidied since the emergence of civilization, but studies of organizational leadership have grown in tandem with the development of large scale industrialization.

In accordance to Yokel’s, (2002) Leadership is the process wherein an Individual member of a group or organization influences the interpretation of events, the choice of objectives and strategies, the organization of work activities, the motivation of people to achieve the objectives, the maintenance of cooperative relationships, the to achieve the objectives, the maintenance of cooperative relationships, the placement of skills and confidence by members, and the enlistment of support and cooperation from people outside the group or organization.

Yokel’s definition, while 1 OFF surface features of leadership as a social influence process. More critical accounts of leadership tends to focus on the hierarchical forms to which it gives rise, power relationships and gender dominance. Here leadership is viewed broadly as a dialectical process, in which an individual persuades others to do something they would not otherwise do. Leadership is socially constructed through the interaction of tooth leaders and followers, and is equated with power.

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