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Introduction & A ; Technical Background:

The intent of the class is to acquire familiarized with the micro-processor scheduling and interfacing. Number of internal registries and port registries inputs to implement different proving. One can interface external devices, internal computations, implement different protocols and a batch of 1-pin controls. There are 4 consecutive interfaces available ; one can pass on with a figure of devices utilizing them. Some synchronal ports are besides available. There is besides I2C and state-of-the-art, the USB port. One can conceive of the power of the device by these characteristics.

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Lab Exercises:

William Shakespeare said, “Practice makth the adult male perfect.” Lab exercisings are the patterns that made us able much to seek the power of this IC named as AXIS ETRAX 100LX.

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Different type of the lab experiments gives hands-on experience to plan the really device with more easiness and in less clip. The spot sequence in registries plans different constituents of the processor to pass on, control and supervise the peripherals attached. Consecutive port scheduling, synchronal port communicating, I2C, and the USB are most powerful portion of the device. The ALU helps in different arithmetic & A ; logical processs. Parallel port programming aids in commanding and supervising the pins and therefore the device attached. Consecutive port programming enables to pass on with the series enabled devices. The I2C helps in communicating in I2C enabled devices. I2C is a good address-mode ( I2C coach device entree ) protocol. It is really effectual in communicating with memory-devices to entree the registry values.

To acquire the knowhow of the scheduling and the flashing process of the embedded platform, one should cognize how to command or supervise the pins of the accountant. Monitoring and commanding are two different things in way of the pins. Monitoring has to something with input whereas commanding has the end product consequence. Parallel port programming plants with the way of the pins ( input or end product ) , the values ( to compose or read ) and the loanblend of all ( input and end product, proctor and control ) .

The consecutive port scheduling is the 2nd powerful characteristic of the device. The port B pins has the double functionality. It works in simple parallel port manner and particular characteristic the consecutive port communicating manner. The dedicated characteristic enables us to plan the consecutive port in assorted signifiers. Same baud-rate for receive and send watercourses, variable baud, or what-ever the pick. To hold a more easiness, one can plan the device to hold baud rate depending upon the external device attached. The received informations could be integer, characters, ASCII, or what-ever. The ALU helps in altering from one signifier to other. For e.g. 65 is ‘A ‘ in ASCII but it could be a figure 65 so as character ‘6 ‘ and character ‘5 ‘ , this can be done before directing the whole number via consecutive port. The whole number value of character ‘6 ‘ is 36h and that of ‘5 ‘ is 35h. When directing whole numbers over the consecutive line, one should cognize that the figures should be altered and converted to their ASCII value.

The I2C instance is about the same as of the consecutive port. The difference lies in the registry entree, and their names. The timing sequence, informations fetching technique and enables us to see how the ports are programmed ( input or end product ) .


The pattern consequences in penetration to the functionality and working of the accountant. The exercisings should me more in figure and length so that the overall cognition about the accountant additions. As the experience additions, one will be able to do more optimised codification and the peripherals are more likely to be ready to hand with the cognition.

As antecedently discussed about the exercising of the consecutive interfacing ; the job aroused with the ASCII codification transition of the whole number values. The more large figure, the more values should be taken to change over.

After the exercisings are complete, I find myself to be able to plan the parallel port flashing, consecutive port communicating, the I2C protocol execution for single-byte read/write and the explosion based and the inside transition of codifications and the processing.

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