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Hajj Mood Zinc Bin Mohamed. The rapid population increased over 2000 people and the number of homes caused 500 of these villages surged forward and distinctive brands apart from known at all levels of the village towards excellence. 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW Tourism is arguably one of the major industries across the global and it is set to continue to grow. As an industry it has the capacity to contribute to the overall development of humanity. It creates Jobs, develops cultures, provides infrastructure, and enshrines peace and understanding.

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In any local environment, where it flourishes, it should be seen as a development management tool instead of to be en as an enemy of the environment to be used for instant economics gains. (Maraca, 2009). There are numerous conceptual definitions of tourism product in tourist literatures. According to Middleton and Clarke (2001) the tourist product means customer value, which is “the perceived benefits provided to meet the customer”s needs and wants, quality of service received, and the value for money'(Middleton & Clarke 2001, 89).

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The tourist product is fundamentally a complex human experience (Gun 1988), which is an output of a production process, where the tourist utilizes the facilities deed in each stage of the production process and the consumer is an integral part of the process (Smith 1994). According to several scholars, tourism products are any offerings that can satisfy a need or want of consumers. These may consist of one or a combination of components, including physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places properties, organizations, information and ideas.

A tourism product includes a combination of those components that contribute to the satisfaction of travelers and visitors. (Maraca, 2009) Meddle and Middleton (1973) suggest that the estimation product consists of five components: destination attractions, destination facilities, accessibility, images and price. This “components model” has been later borrowed by numerous authors. There are also numerous conceptual definitions of economics in tourist literatures. Economics is the study of economies, at both the level of individuals and of society as a whole (Grumman and Wells, 2004, p. ). In other hand, economics is the study how human beings coordinate their wants and desires, given the decision-making mechanisms, social customs, and political realities of the society (Colander, AAA, p. 4). Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources (Minima, 2001 , p. 4). Others state, economics is the social science that the choices that individuals, businesses, government, and entire societies make as they cope with scarcity (Bade and parking, 2002, p. 5) 2. Objective of the study After a general discussion of the economic perspective analysis, the paper proceeds to the next section by addressing three objectives. The main objective of this research is to investigate the potential of economics activities in Camping Desk Putter based on the local product and communities” activities in the surrounding area. This objective is vital to further propose a new tourism product in the Denying sub-district not only as a tourism destination, 3 but also as an income generator for the local community which can enable them to upgrade their standards of living.

The study is also done to identify the relationship between tourism and naturals resources, community analysis, cultural analysis, tourism facilities, service analysis, and site analysis. Apart from that, other objectives of this study are to explore the use of economic analysis to help developing policies which can enhance the tourism contribution to sustainable the development of ours product in this village. Besides that, the study is able to improve the economy of local people to gain more profit based on tourism product development.

Culture is an essential part in order to show the identity of each of the races in Malaysia. Culture can be one of the major influences in promoting the tourism industry as it can bring on more attraction from outsider. The main issue which is highlighted in this research is the preservation of cultural. 2. 2 Significance of the study The significant of this study is to recommend ways for the community to participate in a development to increase the tourism product in this village. As it can be a way of elevating their incomes, it is also important to improve the standard of living. . 0 RESEARCH FRAMEWORK Resources Analysis Cultural resources Community resources Natural resources Site analysis Tourism service and facilities Summary of situational analysis Identifications of markets / tourism segments and activities Identification of tourism products Figure 1 : the assessment analysis of new tourism products in the Camping Desk Putter 4. 0 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 4. 1 Research design The research design appropriate for this study is a combination of exploratory and descriptive designs.

It is an exploratory study as the dimensions and depth as well as the extent of findings on the site is relatively unknown. It is a descriptive study, since the outcome of the study represents a description of the various resources to be examined. It is aimed at investigating and determining the resources and community economics activities. 4. 2 Types of data and collection method In this research, the qualitative method was use. In the past two decades, a growing number of researchers have used qualitative methods to study various aspects of organizational communication.

Researchers have turned to qualitative methods for a rarity of reasons, including the recognition of the limitations of positivist epistemology and qualitative methods, as well as the acceptance of multiple approaches to the study of the organizations. The increased use of qualitative methods in organizational communications also has reflected (or more often, has followed) the trend set by scholars in anthropology, sociology, management and other disciplines (Landlord, 1995). There are two types of data that were used in this research, primary data and secondary data.

The primary data conducted via interviews and observation with local residents, the observation method used to now the lifestyle and activities the local resident in Camping Desk Putter. Secondary data also used for different purpose, secondary data includes all kinds of information 4. 3 Instruments development Five types of instrument analysis were adopted in this study. They are 1) Natural Resource analysis, which focused on forest reserves, rivers, wild plants, and sceneries and the environment in the research area. ) Community Resources Analysis, a study on the population density, type of residence, community background, sources of income and activities around the residence at the research area. 3) Site Analysis, this encompasses the area of economics, availability of utilities, positional characteristic and local labor. 4) Cultural resource is a study on historical buildings or sites, folklore and tradition, handicrafts, museums, performing arts and food. ) Tourism services and facilities analysis, involve a range of accommodations, restaurants, stalls, and other facilities provided at the research area that may be useful in the development of tourism. 5. 0 FINDINGS The results of the qualitative analysis are the following: 5. 1 Natural resources analysis Camping Desk Putter is a type of ordinary camping which is basically a rural talented or village. The villagers are mainly traditional Malay settlements.

By virtue of their location in the urban area, these settlements are under the extensive influence by the metropolitan cities particularly in Koala Lump, Fettling Jay and Shah lam. Physical and cultural landscapes of the village are generally standardized as well as their ecology of the village. In this village, a courtyard where home gardening activities are carried out is an important section of their housing compound where crops such as fruit trees and herbs as well as flowers are normally found at all the housings in this village.

The plantation that can be found in this village such as Kiwifruits (articulators heterogeneously), durian (During subsidizes Muar), orangutans (Neptunium lapped), bananas (MUSM), cassavas (Anoint esculents), sugarcane (Saccharin), curry trees (Reeducate), and pumpkins (Genus curtail). In addition, spices particularly hot peppers or chilies (Capsicum annum), turmeric’s (Curium along) and gingers (Zingier officinal) are also commonly grown in the housing area in this village. The wild plants add up the natural beauty to the landscape of the area. The villagers sell their fruits that they have planted to the local people and visitors.

Below are the local fruits that can be found at the villagers” orchards. The villagers will sell all the fruits by their own, either sell them at the side of the road in the village or sell at the market. Durian (Druid submariners). (http:en. Wisped. Org/wick/fruit) The name durian come from the Malay word ћDurian” (thorn) together with the suffix ћan”, the scientific name of durian is ћDruid Subsidizes” and that name is ћThurman” although Durian is a seasonal fruit but easy to find it in this village. Essentially, the season for durian is typically from June to August every year.

In addition, in the Southeast Asia, durian is known as the king of fruit. In every house in this research area own a durian tree. The durian is distinctive for its large size, unique dour or flavor and formidable covered husk, it looks like with a strong smell. Once the durian seasons arrive, the villagers will collect the durian every day and sell it to the consumers. Orangutans (Neptunium lapped) (http:en. Wisped. Org/wick/fruit) Rampant is another tasty Malaysian fruit what taste is similar to leeched and this fruit can be found in this village easily.

The name rampant is derived from the Malay word Ђћramble”, meaning ћhairy”. In Vietnam, It is called ћchomp chomp” meaning ћmessy hair” due to the spines covering the fruit skin. In other parts of the world, it has another name. In Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, rampant is identified a ћMammon Chino”, in Thailand people call it ћNigh”. The scientific name of this fruit is ћNeptunium lapped”. The color of this fruit is orange and yellow, rampant fruit is reported as one of the best fruit in South Asia.

The color and bunch of this fruit is wonderful, the color makes beautiful landscape specimens. The fruit is round to oval covers three to six centimeters. Rampant flowers from May and again between June and November. Kiwifruits (articulators heterogeneously) (http:en. Wisped. Org/wick/fruit) The Kiwifruit or the scientific name is ћarticulators heterogeneously” is a species of tree in the Articulators genus of the mulberry family. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh, locally called ћKathy”. The Kiwifruit tree is believed to be indigenous to the South western rainforest’s of India.

It is widely cultivated in the tropical regions of the Indian subcontinent, Sir Lankan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is well suited to tropical lowlands and its fruit is the largest tree-born fruit. Kiwifruit or ћKathy” can be found at the side of the road in the area camping Desk Putter and also around the villagers” housings. Once a Kiwifruit is cracked open, the inside may be found as pods or bulbs. Often referred to as the seeds; these bulbs are actually kinds of fleshy covering for the true seeds or pits, which are round and dark, like chestnuts.

The fleshy part can be eaten as it is or cut up and cooked. Normally the people in this village make a great dish from this Kiwifruit such as Kiwifruit curry, which cooked with coconut milk and curry leaves. 5. 2 Community analysis The population of the people increases every year. When the population increase, the needs and demands from the customers also rise up, and that will trigger people to open the business to sell the things that are important to them apart from helping the local people in this village.

This will directly generate their income by selling the product or opening the business that can fulfill the needs and demands from the customers. The population of Camping Desk Putter is more than 2,000 people which majority is Malay, and followed by the aborigines in this village which a total of 200 people. The aborigine settlement is a Demean tribe. Demean tribes are the third arrest tribe of the nineteen Aborigine groups living in peninsular Malaysia. The government categorizes them under the Aborigine Malay (officially called proto- Malay) subgroup.

The Demean villages (between 50 to 500 people) are found on the lowland valleys of districts in the states of Malice, Niger Sensible, Pang, completed mega project areas at Pituitary and Cybercafé. Based on the observation at the Camping Desk Putter area, the overall condition of residence is clean and well managed. Many of the residents tend to plant the plants such as fruit trees and vegetables around their housing areas. In Camping Desk Putter, the main economic activities of local communities are, making the traditional shih, pond-fishing activities and pool activities.

The villagers also operate small businesses such as opening small businesses like mini markets and small restaurants, which the purpose is to generate the family income. 5. 3 Economics activities and income analysis Shih Tat, Bangladesh People The majority of the local villagers are self-employed; they owned restaurants, pond- fishing activities and making the traditional shih. One of the villagers makes traditional shih to increase their family income. These traditional shih is called ћShih Tat”, which is sold in the market around the village area.

According to the person who makes the shih, a bag of 5 pieces of cookies would be sold for ARM 1. 20. This shih is the traditional shih for Bangladesh people. Bangladesh which is also known as Southwest Sumatra is a province of Indonesia (Wisped 2011). There are 10 families from Bangladesh who live in Camping Desk Putter. 5. 4 Pond-fishing and pool activities at “Koala Menacing and Koala Amanda Bat Messaging” The local village also produces pond-fishing and pool activities. Koala Menacing and Koala Amanda Bat Messaging in Camping Desk Putter are two of the economic activities in this village.

When a respondent was asked about the background of their operation, it was their family business. Instead of owning fishing ponds, the owner also opened the pool activity as economic activities. The fishing pond was built in 2008 and was officially opened to the public in 2011. Since that fishing pond was opened in this village, and most of the communities in this village come for fishing there. The local people also bring their families to enjoy the activities in this fishing pond, which can be a place for the local families to do their recreation and leisure activities.

Many freshwater fish such as Keel (Claries Sp. ), Patina (Paintings Sp. ), Bang (Musts numerous), and Tillage (T. Mossback) can be obtained. There are also fishing enthusiasts who come from other places such as Fettling Jay, Shah Lam, Serbian to catch fish here. 5. 5 Tourism facilities and service analysis Coffee village and fishing village Instead of “Koala Amanda Bat Messaging”, there is another place for pond-fishing in this village which is called Coffee Village and Fishing Village.

Both are located in Camping Desk Putter, and these places have a restaurant and pond-fishing activities. This place was officially opened in 2008. The operation hours of the restaurants start from 4 pm until 2 am in the morning, and it is opened everyday to the customer. The restaurant focuses on working customers and also the fishing enthusiasts. Their regular customers come from Pituitary area. Sometimes their customers also come provides varieties of food such as “NASA Green Coffee Village”, and for the drinks such as ice blended chocolate.

Facilities and services that are provided in this restaurant are prayer hall, toilet, car park, karaoke activities and they also accept any reservations such as family gathering, birthday party and meetings. Other than the restaurant, the owner also opened a fishing pond in that area. There is opportunity to catch water fish here such as Galatea (Sultan Fish), Akin Patina (paintings Catfish), Red Tillage, Black Tillage, Catfish, Akin Tongs (Stenography’s dillies), and Akin Bang (Musts catfish).

The customers have to pay for the fish based on its weight which will be determined after catching them from the fishing pond. The total fish inside the fishing pond were estimated more than 30,000 species; the owner mentioned that all the fish were supplied by the supplier from Appear. This Fishing Village is opened daily from Monday to Sunday and operates 24 hours per day. This place also organizes fishing tournament every month. The environment and surrounding of the fishing ponds are clean and well managed with proper drainage systems and beautiful landscapes.

Eastman Dugan Country Resort There is a resort identified in the research area, which also contributes to the economic activities of the local people in this village. The Eastman Dugan Country Resort is located near to the aborigine settlement in this village. The resort has 22 rooms and offers the same type of rooms, with air-conditioners and two master beds tit bathroom. The room rate for this resort is affordable; the price for one room is RUMOR per night excluding the facilities and meals.

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