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Having an organized set of beliefs, values, and ideas plays an important role in studying and analyzing various issues and concerns especially when it comes to the realm of politics. Political ideologies largely influence our decisions and actions; and as such they are essential especially in understanding the decisions and actions of public officials and even one’s personal ideas. These are the exact things that I learned from my political science class, which aided me in realizing that I have a liberalist ideology.

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Liberalism is “a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than revolution” (Princeton University, 2006). It also gives emphasis on the individual rights and equal opportunities. I have a political ideology that coincides with the major tenets of liberalism. I strongly believe in the supremacy of the law and that any problem or issue should be addressed through lawful means. As a result, I do not believe in extra-judicial ways of reforming the government.

I do not support violent means like coup d’ etat in order to address an abusive government, as any problem could be solved in amicable and legal ways. In relation to these, my personality also reflects this ideology. I am the kind of person who is very assertive of my rights. I will not let anyone infringe upon my human rights and I will sure do everything I could in order to uphold and protect it. This is also the reason that I am interested in advocacy campaigns like peaceful negotiation of conflicts instead of war.

The other ideologies that were discussed in class did not get my attention that much because I find them too narrow and radical. Some ideologies give much importance to economic issues and have not given due consideration to individual freedoms. There are also other ideologies that are too radical for me like anarchism that is characterized by the absence of the government and communism that supports revolutions. Nevertheless, I can say that this political science class has indeed enlightened me about many ideologies, which made me more observant and analytical of the various social issues.


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