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The ground of this undertaking is to supply with the right tools in information engineering my friend in order to hold a successful concern able to vie in the market. For that affair I will first place and discus what jobs do the old proprietors have with the accounting system and the information processing. Then I will develop a program that implements the creative activity of an information system and incorporates information engineering in order to better the concern and get competitory advantages in the market. My program will affect the creative activity of a web system ; so I will supply the concern with the right tools and hardware to run the letter writer application package and eventually I am traveling to give him the grounds and advantages of a right information system with the right information engineering.

My friend, Jorge Orozco, merely bought a little retail concern for selling jewellery. He has been holding some jobs with the accounting system since old proprietors had a really antediluvian method of running the concern. First they did n’t hold a proper system to enter any of the minutess ; they kept most of the minutess in their caputs. Second the registry consisted in a little shoe box incorporating the hard currency and the transcripts of the manus written grosss. By looking at these inside informations I conclude that they did non accepted recognition or debit cards or even cheques since they did n’t possessed any reading device for any of those paying methods. It was decidedly a catastrophe ; I could n’t conceive of a concern without any information system. How could they maintain path of stock list, how could they enter the disbursals and grosss, their liabilities, and largely of import how could they register any fiscal statement without the presence of an comptroller or an information engineering application. That was the point where I suggested to my friend that he should implement an information system and that he must include besides information engineerings to his concern in order to be after good his aims, be able to vie in the market, and successfully accomplish his ends. To clear up more his head I explain to him about information system which is “ the organized combination of people, hardware, package, communicating web, information resources, and policies and processs that shops, retrieves, transform, and disseminates information in an organisation ( James A. O’Brien, George M. Marakas ) ” . In other words an information system is how you incorporate engineering such as computerized hard currency registries, a good web for better communications within the concern and exterior, good computing machine systems to track and enter every dealing, into your concern in order to optimise work and be more efficient. First measure in my program was to construct a strong web, non excessively large since is a little concern and my friend needs to remain within his budget, but a web capable of interconnect a waiter computing machine, a twosome of desktop computing machines, hard currency registry, the security system, and some other peripherals such as pressman, scanner, and recognition card machines and cheque readers, all of this at a just velocity of theodolite. For this affair either a good Ethernet hub with adequate ports to back up all the devices or a switch could work since there are really few nodes to be used. Following measure is to look for the proper hardware to back up the applications that he will utilize to run the concern. Personal computers will be all right since these could be used as personal computing machines, web computing machines, the hard currency registry, and still being non so expensive. Spectacles for these computing machines could be a 3-4 GHz dual-core processor, up to 4 GB RAM memory, and around 500 GB of difficult thrust. Following measure would be to integrate a nice operating system non excessively expensive but at the same clip capable to run all the applications needed to run the concern. At first he did non cognize what I was speaking about and why should he utilize an operating system, so I had to explicate to him what an operating system is? “ An operating system is an incorporate system of plans that manages the operations of the CPU, controls the input/output and storage resources and activities of the computing machine system, and provides assorted support services as the computing machine executes the application plans for users ( James A. O’Brien, George M. Marakas ) ” . Basically the operating system serves as translator between the user and the computing machine ; it is the 1 in charge to transform the inputs into computing machine linguistic communication in order for the CPU to treat it and so it displays the end product for the user in a legible mode. The operating system I suggested was Windows XP Pro with the latest update because is non really expensive, it works perfect in most computing machines, does n’t necessitate a batch of memory or processor velocity, and is compatible with most package he will utilize. Having these basic stairss completed he would be able to run basic application package either all-purpose applications such as Microsoft Office having Microsoft Word ( word processing ) which is really of import for reading and composing paperss, Microsoft Excel ( spreadsheet ) chiefly used for computations, tabular arraies, and charts ; Microsoft PowerPoint ( in writing presentation ) really used to show planning and thoughts through in writing images, pictures, and sound ; Microsoft Access ( database direction ) really utile to maintain records and do many other operations which I do n’t believe my friend would make. Other all-purpose applications are electronic mail which is a rapid manner of communicating and web browser which allows you to voyage on the World Wide Web utilizing the Internet. Besides for the concern he might utilize some specific application package for selling, human resource direction, and accounting. For selling intents I suggested to construct a web site of the concern where client could look into out the merchandises, any publicity, comparison monetary values with the same merchandises in other shops, contact the concern for any inquiry and concern, and to demo the clients some services that the concern provide such as fixs and usage made gems. I explained to him that an accounting information system is important in any concern since these are used to enter and describe concern minutess and other economic event. Besides with them you can maintain path of order processing, stock list, histories receivable, history collectible, paysheet, and they produce of import fiscal statement such as income statement which reflects the most accurate description of the concern ‘s profitableness in a period of clip by demoing the grosss and disbursals and reflecting a net income or a net loss, balance sheet which reports the fiscal place of the concern in a certain point in clip showing the concern assets, the liabilities or debts, and the concern cyberspace worth, and the statement of hard currency flow which includes the hard currency flows for operating, funding, and puting activities. Harmonizing to his concern and his pecuniary capablenesss I thought about an easy, low-cost, and dependable accounting system application that is Intuit QuickBooks. Besides all the maps before explained that an accounting system will supply, QuickBooks besides would assist when bring forthing bills or grosss to measure out clients and to do speedy and easy bank sedimentations. At that point I believe he could get down running the concern without any complications, being able to carry through any demand that he or the concern might hold in order to run good. Possibly some betterment may come subsequently when the concern starts turning and engineering supports introducing.

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To reason we could state that by the clip I finish my program the concern will be able to work more efficient than it did earlier. Besides it will be more organized since is doing usage of an information system with the right information engineering ; this would do the concern proprietor, my friend, to maintain better records of every dealing and every item affecting the concern. The usage of the Internet will be indispensable for the concern since this allows better communicating with the clients and providers and the creative activity of the web site will better selling really good. Besides the usage of an application for the accounting system will optimise the work and will supply better consequences.

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